Friday, July 9, 2010

Urgent Online Video Briefing This Week

Urgent Online Video Briefing This Week!
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"7 Steps That Quickly Create Online Businesses
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Rich Schefren

A whistle-blower event:
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...Internet business skills
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We need to talk face-to-face, guys...

In my 7 years as a coach to many of today's top Internet gurus, and consultant to Silicon Valley corporations... I've never seen a time where there were greater business growth and profit opportunities than right now - and so much bad advice that threatens your chances of claiming your share.

In fact, I'm so concerned that you might be heading down the wrong track - and miss out on some of the greatest wealth-building opportunities of your business lifetime - I'm doing something I've never done before...

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And much more.
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Rich Schefren
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Strategic Profits

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Do something once, get paid forever... (12 hours left to register!)‏

Only 12 Hours Left to Register for Jay Abraham's
"Master of Passive Income" Webcast...
Watch Jay's Personal Video Message To You Here:


Hey guys,

Last time, we were talking about Jay Abraham
sharing his presentation from Harv Eker's "Never
Work Again" event... including over 25 secrets to
creating multiple streams of Passive Income.
And how if you know even a few of Jay's secrets,
you can do something once, and get paid for it

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The reason Harv Eker called on Jay to create a
breakthrough, short-course primer on mastering
passive income for his $2,000 a person event is
because Jay IS the preeminent expert in the world
on doing it.

And surprisingly, he became the "Master of Passive
Income" quite accidentally...

You see, over the last thirty years, as Jay
experienced all kinds of different marketing
strategies, profit-boosting manoeuvres and business
growth transactions... wildly enriching deals would
frequently pop up... which no one else saw the
monumental possibilities in.

These were potentially "monster" passive income
deals that Jay Abraham alone knew how to mine --
and monetize.

And, boy, did they pay off BIG-TIME for Jay... and
all the partners he brought into the various deals
he did.

For example...

A deal Jay did in 1970 paid him almost $50,000 a
month...for years. All from one week's effort on
Jay's part.

A deal Jay put together in 1982 generated just
under $10 million for Jay and three partners.
A deal he did in '92 still pays Jay up to $50,000
a year. And he has hasn't lifted a finger to do
anything on it for nearly a decade!

And a deal Jay did in all of 8 hours - sixteen months
ago - has been generating $400,000 a month in
revenue for him ever since.

Jay was in Asia last month doing a seminar and
still racked up $650,000 from this passive income
stream, literally while he was asleep on the other
side of the world!

Get Your Spot While You Can...


Why am I telling YOU this?

Because the story gets more interesting -- and more
relevant to you.

You see, Harv knew Jay could create passive income
streams (tons of them) almost anywhere in the
world - for almost anybody - in a matter of days or

...without any real risk, investment or heavy effort on
their part.

So, he had Jay do this universal, two-hour
presentation that combined about 25 actual success
stories Jay has engineered, along with a detailed
explanation of exactly how Jay orchestrated each
deal, combined with a candid recommendation of
how members of Harv's audience could do it for
themselves, too.

And now you can experience the same proven
strategies... and use them to create multiple
streams of Passive Income for yourself... when you
grab a FREE spot for the limited webcast of
"Master Of Passive Income":

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During this presentation, Jay carefully identifies
simple, easy, no-cost deals you can do worth
$1,000 - $5,000 a month -- passively.

He explains ways someone with no real skill,
training or capital can actually amass tens of
thousands in passive revenue, monthly.

Jay even told attendees at Harv Eker's event
brilliant ways you can tap absolute "gushers" of
windfall profits worth sometimes six figures a pop.
And now you can "steal" Jay's secrets to create
your own passive income sources... and your own
financial freedom.

Only thing, though. There are not many Free Access
spots left. They may be gone today.

So if you're serious about making a better life
for yourself... and creating your own streams of
passive income... you've GOT to be on this

So get your spot now, (it's FREE).

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IMPORTANT: Registrations for Jay's "Master of
Passive Income" webcast close in just 12 hours!
Don't let this pass you by...

To higher profits,

P.S. Did you watch Jay's personal video message?

Watch it here now

Thursday, December 17, 2009

WOW!... Rich Schefren letting out what's been clearly bottled-up

Re: Rich Schefren Letting Out What's Been Clearly Bottled-Up

Not much I can say here...

You just have to watch - CLICK HERE.

I think Brian Johnson might be a bit EMBARASSED
by this. But, I'm showing you anyway!




Thursday, November 19, 2009

Panel 4 Webcast Available All Weekend‏

Attend "The League" Panel 4 Webcast All Weekend
Long, Starting Tonight at 8:00pm:

Register HERE

Your next "League of Extraordinary Minds" Panel
Discussion Session starts at 8:00pm TONIGHT
(your local time).

And to make it even easier for you to attend, we're
making the Panel 4 Webcast...

"The Business Building Triple Play: The Three Key
Levels that'll Multiply Any Small Business from
the Inside Out"

... available from 8:00pm Thursday, November 19th
(your local time) all the way through the weekend
until Sunday night at midnight!

Just Register HERE

... and get ready to take LOTS of notes.
Join us for our Panel 4 discussion... "The
Business Building Triple Play: The Three Key
Levels that'll Multiply Any Small Business from
the Inside Out"...

Where you'll discover:

- How to MULTIPLY your small business profits...
- Critical factors for creating a thriving company...
- The Number 1 Strategy for ANY entrepreneur...
- The "Not So Obvious" factors that bring huge gains...
- How to create a "stunning impact" on your customers...
- Three "essential behaviors" of million dollar companies...

And much, much more!

Just register HERE

...anytime this weekend between
8:00pm tonight (your local time) and Midnight on

See you then!

To your business growth,

Rich Schefren
Jay Abraham

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Missed The Panel? Get Transcripts/Mp3s/Action Guides‏

You missed out on something spectacular yesterday
-- and normally that would be a tragedy.

Why? Read just some of the wildly positive
feedback we received from entrepreneurs just like
you who listened in on the panel broadcast to see
what you missed out on...
Karl says:
"The panel members were extraordinary as the
name states. These millionaires have
absolutely brilliant insights coming from so
many different angels that it resonated with
me on an unbelievable level. Thank you to all
the panel members."
Greg says:
"How could I go wrong engaging and enlisting
some of the strongest minds in business.
There are too many things to list that I have
taken away from these interviews. If the rest
are like this... I will be miles ahead of where I
am now. I definitely plan on telling as many
people as possible about this "Extraordinary"
series. I'm already looking forward to the next
Gerard Wong says:
"The first session was filled with so much
distilled wisdom and practical strategies
that would have taken many years for an
individual to discover by himself. The panel
has translated the confusion into useful
actionable items.
Kudos also to Jay and Rich, not only for
putting the whole thing together but also for
the invaluable insight from their own
interpretations of the panel discussion."
Conray says:
"I have travel around the world seeking some
of the wisdom of the greatest business minds
SEVERAL times, I have been on the top
training programmes and learned a lot, BUT at
a huge expense and major cost. At this
webinar I got the most amazing value in
comfort of my home! This is a real WOW!"
Anise says:
"The experts helped clarify why some things
have not been going well in my present
business, the things that need to be
addressed and the means to do it."

Get The Recording, Transcript and Action Guide

We created the nine guest panels to give you and
your business explosive profit breakthroughs in
the next six weeks alone. This way you'd be eager
to continue as paid member.
But that will never happen for either of us (you
won't get the breakthroughs... we won't get you as
an ongoing paid member) if we don't figure out a
way to get you to experience each and every one of
these nine separate expert panel sessions.
We don't know if you forgot, or had a scheduling
conflict -- or really and truly didn't realize that we
were going to "deliver-the-goods", just like we
But we did. In fact we overdelivered. In case you
don't believe it, here are some more rave reviews
we got yesterday...

Mariana says:
"Great information, anyone in business should
register to this amazing resource. Thanks."
Dan Johnston says:
"Some great refreshers and a ton of new
information. Joining the webinar has really
helped get me back into the zone and focus on
a few key sales issues."
John says:
"This is not your typical internet marketing
product, it is more a masters level business
education in marketing. There was so much
information in such a short period of time! I
am positive this information will benefit my
life and business."
Boyana says:
"First, I want to say Thank You for this
great webcast! I took tons of notes, and I'm
intend to come back to them and act on what I
learned. I really appreciate the action steps
on how to make yourself be seen as credible,
as well as how to create lasting relationships
with your partners by listening."
Glen says:
"So far, I have a few good takeaways. 1) To
build trust quickly, commit, deliver, repeat.
2) The importance of remaining relevant to
our target customer. 3) Most of us do not see
ourselves as others see us. 4) Publish to gain
credibility by being relevant and providing
actionable, effective insight. Thank you Rich
and Jay for your efforts."
Richard says:
"I already employed some of the things from
the Tony Robbins audio. I am glad I joined. I
am learning new stuff all the time. To a friend
I would say, there is great inspiration to be had
here no matter where you are at in business."

Get The Recording, Transcript and Action Guide

We want YOU to be part of our ongoing paid
service. So, in a sincere effort to make that
happen we've decided to re-extend to you the offer
to receive the complete collection of transcripts,
audio recordings, and highly detailed action-
planning-guides for each and every one of the nine
guest panels -- including the one you just missed.
That way (whether you attend the actual broadcast
or not) you'll ALWAYS have a way to profit from
each and every brilliant idea each expert panelist
shares in those sessions.

But it gets better...

Our goal here is to win you over as a long term,
paid member.

So, we're offering you nine recordings, nine
complete transcripts, and nine master-level action
planning guides (seriously worth nearly one
thousand dollars) all for a ridiculously modest price
of just $47.

But it gets better still...

For that one meager payment we're also going to
"buy" you your first full month of the paid
premium service, on top.

And even that modest payment will NOT be
considered binding on your part by us until you've
received all the recordings, transcripts and action
guides for all nine panels.

If they don't dramatically multiply the value of
the service just tell us at the end of the ninth
session and your $47 will be rushed right back to

If the guest membership pays off the way we
promised, stay in the paid service for as long as
IT continues to deliver-the-goods. But there's
never any long term commitment on your part.
You can cancel any month it fails to deliver.
Click here to get your transcripts, recordings,
and action guides -- all within 72 hours of each
panel broadcast.

Get The Recording, Transcript and Action Guide

To your business success,

Rich Schefren
Jay Abraham
P.S. When you sign up you'll immediately get the
recording of last night's panel session (that you

Get The Recording, Transcript and Action Guide

P.P.S. As a point of reference, according to Alexa
the webcast last night was the ninth most popular
website on the Internet worldwide. Entrepreneurs
everywhere recognize profitable advice when they
hear it. Don't miss out on these valuable and
profitable takeaways...

Get The Recording, Transcript and Action Guide

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Takeaways from LXM Interview with Tony Robbins

Listen to this Exclusive Introductory Interview with Anthony Robbins where he explains the value of The League of Extraordinary Minds and why you should join this 6-week program.

Click this Link to download Audio of Exclusive LXM Interview with Anthony Robbins here