Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Success System That Never Fails

I know I have to make serious adjustments in the way I organize things in my business after I received the following message from Rich today:

Rich Schefren to me

"Hi Val,

Do you have a system in place for every aspect of your
business? A long time ago, I didn't utilize systems in my
business - I just operated on instinct. When success
sprouted, I eventually had to bring someone else on board
and that's when I realized how I had failed.

I had no way of communicating how things got done around the
office. My new employees couldn't get inside my brain and I
couldn't expect them to instinctively know what to do - yet
I had nothing on paper that explained my processes.

Having systems in place is vital to the performance of your
business. Even if it's just you - you need to have a system
mapped out on how things are accomplished. If you're the
only one in your company, then maybe you don't need it
written down - but at the very least, you should be able to
verbalize it in a step-by-step procedure.

If you can't explain it in concise terms of what happens at
each interval, then you don't really have a system - you
have a way of doing things.

The word "system" implies that you can classify tasks, organize and rank them in order of importance, and assign them to the people you've designated to be in control of each aspect of the business.

Imagine what would happen if you were in a car accident one
day - and hospitalized for a week or more. Who would run
your company for you? Could you explain to someone how to
operate the daily functions of your business? Instead of a
system, would there be chaos in the workplace?

Probably - if you're not prepared.

It's good to have your systems written out and filed so that
whenever someone else is brought on board - or has to take
over - they'll instantly be able to refer to your model of
doing business and follow it precisely.

Mapping out systems for your business can also give you
insight into how things can be accomplished in a better way.
Your goal is to simplify your process so that it's as
effective as it can be.

Don't be afraid to utilize shortcuts if it won't harm the
end result. There's nothing wise about taking the long route
to success. If there's a tool you could invest in that would
shave hours off of your task, then it's worth it. If you're
doing all of your accounting by hand, and you could set up a
software tool to quicken the procedure, then do it.

When you set up your systems - and you'll need one for
almost every aspect of running your business - do it with
hindsight in mind. Play Monday morning quarterback. What
could you have done better, and how can that happen?

Categorize your systems to help you develop and update them
as necessary. For instance, you might have a system for
tracking sales performance, one for marketing, and another
for sourcing new products or ideas.

If you have a "guinea pig", start testing your systems out
on that person to see if it's easy for another individual to
interpret and use. If any portion of your system needs
further clarification, then go into more detail. You might
know what you mean by "launch AdWords campaign," but
someone else may need you to answer the question, "how?"

Systems give your business a framework. You can always add
onto the system, or tear it down and replace it - but it
gives your operation a structure and a foundation to work

You'll always want to update your systems as time passes.
Maybe new technology has been developed that can replace an
outdated approach to doing business. Perhaps you've
discovered someone to outsource a task to so that you can
concentrate your efforts on more profitable ventures.

Whatever the reason, always look for - and be open to - new
ways of structuring your business so that it's a living
system - not one that's too rigid and opposed to change. You
want to maintain a vision for your company and use creative
means to get you there.

Think of yourself as an architect of your company. It's your
job to create a blueprint for your business operations. You
can always pencil in new additions to the company or erase
structures that need to be phased out.

With a system in place, you'll find you can manage your
business more easily and find success in a shorter span of

To Higher Profits
Rich Schefren"

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

An Internet reality show?

The Internet marketing world is changing before our very eyes. And so is the world of reality TV...

I’m sure you'll agree there is a lot of similarity between many products and services in our marketplace that have come out in the last year.

Well, I've got a brand new concept for you today that has never been attempted before...

If you keep up on Internet business news, you may have heard about Joel Comm's reality show, "The Next Internet Millionaire."

It's live on the web, and I've got to say... It is impressive!

It's so good, Rich has agreed to be a judge on the final episode.
In just two days, "The Next Internet Millionaire" has shot up the charts and is ranked in the top 3000 sites on the web, according to

Here's what Internet business pioneer Marlon Sanders had to say about it:

"I think everyone will be shocked how high-quality the production is. Joel and his team went all out on this and it really shows. There are going to be many marketing lessons taught in future episodes. It's very much worth your time to watch."

And here's what Super-affiliate Gary Ambrose said:

"Joel Comm told me an idea he had to create his own reality show focused around Internet marketing. To be honest, I never thought it would work. Well, it might be a while before you hear me say this again (just ask my wife) but I was wrong. Not only is the concept behind the show solid, Joel didn't cut any corners on the budget either."

So stop whatever you’re doing and go to this web page to watch Episode 1 of this groundbreaking Internet reality show right now…
Not only will you be entertained, you will discover the most current strategies the top dogs are using to make money online.
And be careful, you may become addicted like I have!

To Higher Profits,

Jane Ford
Editor, Strategic Profits Hotline
P.S. The Next Internet Millionaire is being compared to Trump's "The Apprentice," but with a YouTube twist.

See what you think...

Strategic Profits
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Delray Beach, FL 33483

Friday, August 17, 2007

When Is Enough, Enough?

Hey Val,

Insufficient or inundated?
Overwhelmed or overloaded?

Most online entrepreneurs just like you either suffer from too little or way too much information:

There simply is no in-between.

Where do you stand? How do you figure out which amount of information is "just right?"

To find the answer, check out my blog

To Higher Profits,
Rich Schefren

Strategic Profits
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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Remove Obstacles Between You And The Money

Rich Schefren <>to me

4:11 am (10 hours ago) 

Dear Val,

Want a business that RAKES in cash?

Then you need to DEMOLISH the obstacles
that currently stand in your way...

Achieving the kind of success you deserve
is all about removing roadblocks that are
between you and the money that should be
in your bank account.

It's a lot easier than you think.
First, you need to focus on an OUTCOME.

If you're NOT clear about what you want,
then you're not going to get it.

But when you have a clearly defined
outcome, you can start to discern what
knowledge and activities are moving
you closer to achieving that goal.

Then you can establish PRIORITIES.

Otherwise you'll just DROWN in a sea of
information overload and analysis
paralysis. When that happens, it's easy
to become frustrated and make absolutely
NO progress whatsoever.

Then you need to ask yourself...
What work are YOU willing to give up?

The sooner you realize that you can't
do everything yourself, the better.

Entrepreneurs tend to be control freaks.
They're OBSESSED with doing things right.
Now guess what is the biggest factor
that is LIMITING your success?
That's right...

If you're doing all the work yourself
you're almost certainly making less money
than you could be. And it will take you
a LOT longer than it should.

Look, wealthy entrepreneurs know how to
build and manage a team. Do you?

That mindset (building a team) is VERY
different from the opportunity seeking
(income limiting) mindset.

These concepts will make a tremendous
difference in your bottom line.

You can learn more about these concepts
in my (free) business-building video:

To Higher Profits,
Rich Schefren

P.S. If you'd like to turbocharge your
progress and build a real (profitable)
operation then I encourage you to check
out my coaching program.

It's changed the lives of hundreds of
entrepreneurs just like you. You can
learn more about it here and check out
my special offer:

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Can you build a business that runs without you?

Rich Schefren to me

Aug 13 (2 days ago) 

Dear Val,

Let me ask you a QUICK question.

If I could give you a more effective business strategy
that would SIGNIFICANTLY "outperform" the approach
you are currently using, would you be interested?

The fact is--that no matter how much experience
you have generating income online, I can PROVE to
you readily by demonstration that you are NOT
maximizing your potential, and I want the opportunity
to show you the way in which you may completely
and easily, DOUBLE or even TRIPLE your revenue in
just a few short months.

Even if you're starting from scratch--I'll show you the
quickest way to build a PROFITABLE online business.

And I'm NOT talking about the type of business that's
here today and gone tomorrow. I've seen enough fly-
by-night websites that make a little money then quickly
kick the bucket. Let's face it, theses are not a real
businesses, these are just short-sighted opportunities
that are nothing but a waste of time.

A real million dollar business has several components:

#1. It is built around an existing demand.

#2. Decisions are based on numbers--NOT opinions.

#3. The owner does not need to be present all the time.

#4. The owner is passionate about the business.

#5. The owner is not afraid to relinquish some control.

#6. The owner knows how to build a team.

#7. The owner understands marketing very well.

Notice how almost all of these components revolve
around the OWNER and not some magic bullet or slick
marketing gimmick? It's time you take a step back from
what you're doing and ask yourself:

"Where did my beliefs about business come from?"

It goes without saying that you're here to learn more
about building an online business. But in order to build
a wildly profitable operation that churns out cash you
need to take a look at YOURSELF first.

There are "gurus" running around all over the place
that will tell you whatever it takes in order to get you to
empty your wallet on their cheap bag of no-good web

You know the type I'm talking about, don't you?

And let's face it. It's easy to spend an arm and a leg on
what they're selling because they know EXACTLY what
you want to hear. But in reality... it's like the blind
leading the blind.

Let me share a secret with you...

Most of these "so-called" gurus do NOT have a real
business. Sure they make good money, but it's only
temporary. These guys make a quick-buck but then
they're back on the street, peddling their garbage, in
hopes that some sucker will come along and buy into
their scheme.

If you want to know the TRUTH about what it takes to
build a business that works FOR you, rather than against
you--then I highly suggest you stop everything you're
doing and devour my "Internet Business Manifesto".

Click the link below to download this report:

Now between you, me and the lamppost, I think my
free report is worth more than most paid products out
there. But don't take my word for it. Check it out.

To Higher Profits,
Rich Schefren

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Rich Schefren's "Steps You Can Take Alone"

  1. Learn how to process map and begin mapping out “The What” you want your Online Business to do.
  2. Learn Project Management.
  3. Build Leverage and Scalability into your Business.
  4. Become fanatical about the numbers in your Business.
  5. Use an effective Time Management System and log your time for a week or two.
  6. Analyze your log and identify your routine tasks.
  7. Automate as many things as possible, starting with the easiest to automate.
  8. Outsource 1 Item at a time, starting with the most time consuming first.
  9. Hire an employee that will take over the largest number of your responsibilities.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Rich is having fun...:)

"A core problem for a majority of entrepreneurs is that we fail to schedule fun into our day.
We do this because we think we will get more done, but in reality this has the opposite effect.
We end up becoming less effective, procrastinate more, become less focused, more burnt-out, irritable and stressed."
-Rich Schefren

I received a great gift from Rich Schefren this morning!

His Team put together a new PDF with Testimonials from many of his Clients and Strategic Profits blog readers called...

"Are You Having Fun Yet?"

In this new PDF, Rich Schefren's readers share 20 Things That Bring Them Joy.

This is an amazing and very inspirational document on the importance of having fun in our lives...

>>Click here to download PDF<<


Monday, August 6, 2007

Rich Schefren's Bio

Rich Schefren
Rich Schefren

Business Building Expert

They call Rich Schefren the "Coach to the Internet Gurus".

His unique philosophy about how to build real businesses online gets big money results for his clients. And that’s the reason he formed Strategic Profits in 2004.

The company provides coaching for online entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses strategically and ultimately get "free" of the daily grind.

After graduating from Case Western Reserve University, summa cum laude as an accounting major, Rich was recruited by Arthur Anderson’s Strategic Planning Division. There he garnered several awards and then jumped at the opportunity to take over his family’s struggling clothing business.

When Rich turned that business into Soho’s hottest eclectic clothing boutique, with loyal customers like Prince and Uma Thurman, he was hooked on being an entrepreneur. Through his unique marketing ideas, the business had revenue growth from $1.5 to over $6.5 million in just three years.

Next Rich invested $7500 to create a hypnosis center which expanded to multiple locations and generated over $7 Million a year, within four years. Rich then wanted to share his success secrets and developed a program for other hypnosis centers to achieve the success he had. When he made $287,000 in one week selling the program, he knew he was on to something big.

Rich parlayed his offline successes and marketing prowess into an information product business. Over the next 2 years he established joint ventures with the major online marketing players that generated in excess of $4 million in revenue. Many of these marketers secretly sought his advice to help them turn their businesses into profit-producing powerhouses.

His passion was ignited to share what he’d learned with all struggling internet marketers who wanted to build real businesses and freer lives.

That’s when Strategic Profits came to be. And the story continues to unfold…

Business Growth System, the company’s core product, has revolutionized business coaching. With its combination of audio, visual and written materials – clients can learn in the way that suits them best.

The program content leverages over 20 years of Rich’s successes and early struggles to build his own Internet business.

Rich's programs sell out quickly because of the outstanding results achieved by entrepreneurs at all levels - from one person home-based businesses to multi-million dollar ventures aiming for more. Many of the program’s graduates are now Internet marketing experts in their own right.

Although Rich Schefren is the driving force behind Strategic Profits, the company has expanded to 10 full time employees who now work with Rich to develop products that expand the reach of Rich’s teachings. The company’s sales revenues exceeded $4 million in its first two years and are expected to be in the $10 million range for the coming year.

Strategic Profits has fueled its extraordinary growth by publishing free valuable content online. Not only does this create strong relationships with potential customers and the online community, but encourages feedback. The company uses the feedback to quickly create relevant products that address the struggles and provide solutions for online entrepreneurs.

For more more information about Rich Schefren please visit: