Friday, July 31, 2009

What The Heck Is The Founders Club?‏

From: Todd Brown
Re: What The Heck Is The Founders Club?

Since we released our brand new micro-report
the other day, The Founders Forumula, we've
been getting hammered with questions.

You have read your copy of the Founders
Formula already, right?

If not, you can grab another copy now:

Get Your Founder Formula Report Here

The feedback seems to be that the graphic
on page 10 has radically changed the way
many online marketers are going to go
about making moolah and growing their
business online.

You can read everyone's insights and
takeaways by quickly hopping over to the
blog -

Ironically, though, most of the questions
flooding-in haven't been about the new
Report at all. But, have been about Rich
Schefren's soon-to-be-unveiled Founders Club
mentioned on pages 16 and 17.

Our support has been getting inundated with
questions such as:

* How will the Founders Club help a brand new
marketer go from zero to a big income and
freedom from their eventual business?

* How will the Founders Club propel a
veteran marketer to total freedom from
their company?

* How will the Founders Club differ from
everything else ever offered at Strategic

What will you get when you become a
member of the Founders Club next Wednesday
August 15th?

* And... the big one... is membership in
the Founders Club going to be in the
thousands or hundreds of dollars?

Well, rather than write a lengthy email answering
all of those questions for you, I've decided to
release a video tomorrow (Saturday) to answer
everything for you.

So, tomorrow's video will reveal everything
for you.

Please keep in mind while you're waiting for
tomorrow's video...

Me, Rich, Brian and the entire Team at Strategic
Profits have been working on the Founders Club
for close to 5 months now to make sure it gives
you exactly what you need to shortcut your
path to financial, personal and business freedom

And, I think you'll see that in tomorrow's video.
But, even with that said...

The Founders Club will NOT be for everyone, nor
do I believe everyone will be willing to invest
the money to become a Member.

But, that's okay.

The Founders Club was designed from the ground
up for entrepreneurs truly serious about making
big money online in the shortest time possible...
AND.. with the personal time and freedom to
enjoy their success.

If that describes you... you'll want to watch
tomorrow's video.

Todd Brown :-)
P.S. Even though Rich is in Cleveland for the
weekend hanging out with Jay Abraham and Dan
Kennedy, I'll be watching the blog to answer
the smaller questions being left there.
So, if you have some shorter questions, hop
over to the blog now, and fire-away. :-)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

As promised - here's your F2 Download

Download your FREEBIE COPY of this
right away...

Get Your Founder Formula Report Here

It's a brand new micro-report we've
just released called the Founder Formula.
And, in just 18 quick pages it shows
you the shortest path to achieving
ANY online business goal.

This is the next step in our Founder

Get Your Founder Formula Report Here

Plus, inside you'll also see:

* How to design a business that allows you
to take one-week, two-week, and even one-month

* Why you MUST AVOID the Outsourcing Myth
so many unsuspecting online marketers are
buying into.

* The most effective way to apply marketing
tactics to your online business. Do it any
other way and your results will suffer!

* How to avoid information overload. (This is
the secret method Founders use to learn and
grow stress-free)

* The X-Factor that's even more important than
knowing how to get new customers
. This one
thing is THE difference between average
marketers and the masters!

* The 2 areas of your online business that make
you money and determine how much you grow
. Most
online marketers get this totally backwards.

* The simple solution that solves almost any
business problem.

* The online marketing mentality you MUST FLEE
FROM... if you ever want to make the big
money online with little effort long-term.

* Why a majority of online marketers are
building their online businesses completely
backwards. And, how to build your business
like a Founder so you gain complete autonomy
and freedom in your life.

* ...and much, MUCH MORE!

Get Your Founder Formula Report Here

To Higher Profits,

Rich Schefren
P.S. Inside your brand new Founder Formula
micro-report, you'll also be shown the ONLY
path to easy success online.

This works whether you want to get complete
freedom from your business or just make an
extra hundred-thousand dollars per year.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

{Founder Video 4} - THE Shortest Path To ANY Online Biz Goal Is...‏

Every online marketer asks me at one
point or another...

"Rich, is there any kind of SHORT-CUT
to creating a successful online business,
and if so, what is it?"

Funny thing is... as the guy known
for being totally against the
"opportunity-seeker mentality",
my answer usually surprises folks.

"YES! There IS a short-cut to
creating a successful online

"Only, it's NOT what most marketers
think it is."

Then, I usually go on to reveal what
the short-cut is.

For YOU... today... I do the same in
video #4 of our Founder Video Series.

Watch The Newest Video Here

You'll hear my quickly explain the
shortest path to achieving any of
your online business goals.

To Higher Profits,

Rich Schefren
P.S. If you've ever wanted to short-cut
the time it will take for you to create
your own successful online business,
this short video is for you.

Watch The Newest Video Here

Monday, July 27, 2009

{Founder Video 3} - the W.H.W. Equation for comfortable business growth

Most online marketers are missing a critical
piece to the business-growth puzzle.

Without this piece, knowing what to do in your
business, and even how to do it, is NOT enough.
This is why so many online marketers continue to
struggle even though they're effectively implementing
many of the most effective marketing tactics in their

If this has been your experience, you're certainly
not alone.

More than likely you've just never been given
the one missing puzzle piece.

The W.H.W. Equation I share in our newest Founder
Video gives you that missing piece.

Watch The W.H.W. Equation Video Here

To Higher Profits,

Rich Schefren
P.S. This video reveals how "flipping" one thing in
your business could totally revolutionize your results.

Watch The W.H.W. Equation Video Here

Saturday, July 18, 2009

{Founder Video 2} - THIS skyrockets your chance of being successful online‏

This is probably the EASIEST way to
experience a significant jump in your
online income.

Funny thing is...

It's actually a single question that
identifies the SWEET SPOT for you
and your online business.

This is the same question I credit
for the RAPID SUCCESS I personally
experienced when first getting online.

Watch Founders Video #2 to get the Question

If you're willing to take a few minutes
right now to answer this question
for yourself... there's no doubt...
your path to bigger and faster
business success will become
much, much clearer.

Watch Founders Video #2 to get the Question

To Higher Profits,

Rich Schefren
P.S. Have you ever wondered why some
online marketers seem to have it easy when
it comes to getting JV partners and making
money online??

Want to know the reason why these marketers
DO have it easier?

It's because they've each... at some point...
answered this same question.

Watch Founders Video #2 to get the Question

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Got everything you want yet, guys?

Rich here, and if your answer to that question is
"no", then you need to see this free video...

It's Right Here

Because to put it bluntly, Tom McCarthy knows how
to help you get what you want.

After all, this is a guy who went from a poor,
single-parent household to becoming one of the
most successful business coaches in the world to
Fortune 500 companies.

It's true--companies like Disney, Cisco, Unisys,
Merck, Marriott, and scores of others rely on Tom
to help them build their empires and bring in
bigger profits.

In fact, I was so impressed with Tom's strategies,
I asked him to emcee my New Beginnings event in
Orlando last year (which he totally knocked out of
the park).

By the way, that video in Orlando is here also...
And inside this video, he's going to reveal the
secret to creating more--and better--opportunities
in your life so you can get everything you want in
the fastest time possible.

Watch and you'll see what I mean...

It's Right Here

This video will only be available for the next few

So go there NOW before it's too late. There's no
charge whatsoever and it's only a few minutes

But what you'll take from this video will be
invaluable not only to your business, but your
personal life too.

I know it was for me.

It's Right Here

See you inside.

To Higher Profits,

P.S. When you watch the video, you'll hear some
incredible stories...

Tom's journey to success is an amazing one, and
you'll be inspired by his climb to the top.

Plus, Tom will also reveal how you can immediately
apply these same success principles to your life
and achieve positive results very quickly.

Don't miss out on this...

It's Right Here

Friday, July 10, 2009

Do you have freedom to create greatness?

To watch the brand new training video
(I recorded at my favorite cigar bar)
"How To Get Complete Freedom From
Your Business"
- go here

Quick question for ya...
Do you have a business that grows,
gets better, gets more efficient,
and makes you more and more money
without you having to be there or
"make it happen"?

If not, go here

I'm NOT just talking about a business
that gives you free time or extra money...
I'm talking about a business that
actually IMPROVES and becomes more
and more successful on its own,
without your personal time or attention

Imagine having a business that you
could leave for days, weeks, even
months... and... when you come back
to it, it's actually MORE PROFITABLE,
more popular, more respected, and
functioning even better than when you
left it.

That's what I show you how to get in
the brand new training video I recorded
for you while hanging out at my favorite
cigar bar.

Watch the video here

To Higher Profits,
Rich Schefren
P.S. This video explains how to truly
get complete freedom from your business
so you can live life on your own terms.

Watch it here

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Daddy, Are You Crying? 'Yes' I said...‏

His death came as quite a shock not only to me,
but also to Debi and my two daughters. He was a
kind of icon in our family; someone we often
imitated for fun but knew we were never came close
to his talent.

His performances were like no one else in his
business, real works of art that could not be
duplicated. His unimaginable passing at the young
age has immediately made life seem more fragile to

It seems unreasonable to have a strong feeling for
a marketer you hardly knew. But what made him so
special was that he did what he did in a way that
made you want to like him first, and then and only
then buy the product he was selling.

In fact, it was like whatever he was selling just
didn't feel like selling - to me (and countless
others) it felt more like it was being recommended
by a friend.

I think that there are a lot of things to learn
from him - which is why I have just posted the
longest blog post I've ever written in my entire
online career detailing every single gem I ever
learned from him.

Click here

If nothing else, the guy was an artist who was the
very best at what he did. That's something I've
always respected no matter the field of endeavor.
While I've been slaving away at the keyboard
reviewing everything he put his mark on - a wave
of sadness came over me, and a tear ran down my
face. My older daughter Ava saw and asked "Daddy,
are you crying?"

"Yes" I said. And then I did my best to describe
what I was feeling in a way a seven year old could

"I'm writing about everything I learned from him,
and it's so much - and he worked so hard for so
many years to learn it all - and now when he
finally was the best in the world and still
getting even better... he went to heaven. And the
worst part of it is he had a daughter just one
year older than Elle (her younger sister) so it
makes me sad to think about that."

You can read all about him here:

Click here

I did the best job I could translating everything
I learned from what he did. I hope you get immense
value from this blog post - if you did I know he
would be proud.

To higher profits,