Thursday, December 20, 2007

I really don't know what's gotten into me lately...

I really don't know what's gotten into me lately...

I guess it could be
---the Christmas spirit,
---the lack of sleep, or...
---the high from another home-run launch.

Whatever it is, I better get control of it - fast, because I just agreed to give away:


Here's the deal:

We've been getting emails, phone calls, and pleas from one heart broken
client after another because they missed out on the bonuses they
desperately wanted.

It just doesn't seem right to have so many clients depressed when they
should be delighted. Heck, it's Christmas and you guys are making me
feel like scrooge!

So here's what I am going to do:

I'm calling an audible... the launch rules have changed.

My mindmaps and the free seat at our seminar are for every single client
who gets their order in before the 24 hour mark. So, if you were one of
the many clients that called my office to complain - I heard you loud and clear.
That means: reserve your Business Acceleration program before 12 noon
tomorrow (EST) or if you already did - you are guaranteed a copy of
my personal mindmaps and a seat at our next block buster seminar.

So my friend, it's do or die time...

Go and get your own copy of Business Acceleration Program right now

Just so we're clear - I won't be as generous the next time around.
So, if you haven't reserved your copy yet and you are sincere (and honest)
in your desire to be the leader of your market, then the Business Acceleration
Program will change your personal and business life.

How can I be so sure? Just ask my clients.

If you'd like to learn more about this incredible program:

Go and get your own copy of Business Acceleration Program right now

Remember, the clock is ticking...and this time it won't be reset.

To higher profits,

PS - I decided to forego the hype and hoopla about how crazy my office
was today, or that even with load balancing our site through 3 servers
we still crashed twice.

It was a crazy day, but the disappointment of missing out on the bonuses
really struck a nerve with me, and I needed to set things right.

Go and get your own copy of Business Acceleration Program right now

What is in the package?

A lot of you are wondering about the content of Rich Schefren's Business Acceleration Program - without hype and any exaggeration - here's what you will get - PURE CONTENT:


  • A simple, step-by-step Getting Started Guide to make navigating this massive program a breeze and to speed you on your way …
  • 10 lavishly produced Acceleration Session DVD videos – XX hours in all – that teach you every one of the most powerful online marketing strategies and tactics now being used by today’s top ten business-building authorities …
  • 9 Advanced Learning DVDs that double, then triple, then quadruple your productivity … and give you everything you need to harness the amazing profit-producing power of Web Marketing 2.0 …
  • A Bonus video DVD -- Strategic Profits UNCUT that gives you a revealing glimpse behind the curtain and invites you to listen in as our ten top Business Accelerators reveal their most provocative secrets in a no-holds-barred open discussion session …
  • 28 audio CDs containing the soundtrack of every video module – so you can listen to every strategy, tactic and tool when you’re driving, working, exercising or just relaxing …
  • A 708-page Enhanced Acceleration Workbook – giving you edited transcripts and slides each expert presented … plus a special chapter on Masterminding by Jay Abraham … 11 MORE chapters by top copywriter John Carlton to help you craft sales copy that produces optimum results …
    PLUS two more chapters on how to increase your mental acuity and creativity by renowned learning expert Sunny Schneider … and even a comprehensive guide to arranging important joint ventures – including how to pitch them, sell them and even a contract you can use to formalize them … GO GET IT NOW!
  • A 314-page Strategic Profits 12-Month Marketing Blueprint crammed with every e-mail, blog post and sales letter they used to attract 200,000 leads and customers … and to earn $7.5 million online in the last 18 months…
    To become the #1 thought leader – the ultimate Maven in your industry – you’ll need ways to absorb information faster than your competitors do …
    And these two proprietary PC- and MAC-compatible programs help you do just that!
  • FasterAudio Sofware: Install FasterAudio in seconds … then use it to convert sound files into MP3s that play up to four times faster!
    With FasterAudio, you’ll be absorbing an hour’s worth of vital maven-making information every 15 minutes … and entire business books every two hours … while actually making it easier to absorb and remember what’s begin said!
    FasterAudio is the ultimate multi-tasking tool: You can listen to your FasterAudio files on your desktop or laptop and listen while you work. Or, burn them to a CD or download them to your iPod or other MP3 player and devour today’s best business books and research while you’re driving, exercising and even in your favorite easy chair.
  • AcceleReader Software: This remarkable software trains your eyes and your brain to read devour reading material two times faster … three times faster … even four times faster.
    Just watch the screen and Accelereader retrains you for maximum reading efficiency!
    BONUS: Study after study has proven that the faster you absorb information, the better you remember it!
  • A Master Maven Quick Reference Charts to keep you on track and speed you towards your ultimate goal – including my guides to help you process everything in your work environment quickly and easily and make sure nothing slips between the cracks … computer keyboard shortcuts for Outlook, Internet Explorer, FireFox, G-Mail, Mindjet and more – shortcuts that save Rich at least two hours of work time every day …
  • 14 full-color Process Maps that give you an instantaneous, at-a-glance mastery of every amazing business accelerating secret you’ll learn – including Rich's comprehensive guides to gathering and organizing information, preparing project plans, creating Mind Maps and using other tech tools…
    Plus Tom McCarthy’s process for harnessing the power of your emotions to tear through your work faster … Mike Filsaime’s guide to creating massive viral interest online … Jeff Walker’s process for product launches … MaryEllen Tribby’s guide to multi-channel marketing … Les Hewitt’s process for creating focus and accomplishing your goals … and Scott Martineau’s guide to creating hyper-responsive customers … and much more …
  • Two of the most highly acclaimed posters Rich ever produced – actual copies of the ones he keeps next to his desk to guarantee every product he creates contains every element that ensures an explosive launch …
  • Rich's favorite personal productivity software – two amazing programs -- that make it a breeze to absorb, store and access the information you need to become your industry’s #1 maven …
  • And much, MUCH MORE!


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dear Blog Visitor...

It's Thursday.

Christmas is only days away.

And that is EXACTLY why you MUST get this

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Rich Schefren is releasing his Business
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This is when Rich Schefren releases his BUSINESS ACCELERATION PROGRAM to the World!

What is his program all about?

Q: “Is your Business Acceleration Program appropriate for the person who wants to avoid being involved with a “big” company? Can you actually BE the ‘hermit in a cave’ (where the cave is your living room) and use the Business Acceleration Program?

Q: “I am a complete newbie. This seems to be for those who have already gotten their feet wet. Is this true or can this actually help someone like me, too?

Q: “You’ve had lots of questions about whether your program is useful for complete newbies, but I’m a little further on. Will it work for me?

A: I addressed this in my last post when I said …

Fear not — the whole point of my Business Acceleration Program is to simplify and uncomplicate the process of growing a business. And the fact is, these tools can be even more powerful in the hands of a person who’s just getting started.

In the early stages of a business, you’re lean, mean, hungry and fleet-footed able to incorporate new tools in the twinkling of an eye!

My Business Acceleration Program is a tool. A whole toolbox, actually. And it’s packed hundreds of hammers, screwdrivers and wrenches you need to build a world-class online business today.

You get things that save you time, save you money, eliminate workday drudgery & get you the information you need to hammer the competition… and even some tools that make it possible for you to do things that you couldn’t do in a million years with your bare hands!”

Now, I’ll go even further….

I honestly can’t think of a program that is better suited for people at every stage of web marketing: Newbies to seasoned pros … those whose mission is to build a small, manageable company or a massive global corporation online … and everyone in between.

Here’s why… Read the rest at Rich Schefren's blog

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A blizzard of questions - a ton of answers...

Hey Val,

...don’t know if you’ve noticed, but my blog is lighting up like a Christmas tree.

My inbox is jammed to overflowing too – and my Business Acceleration Program
is the reason.

I’ve honestly never seen anything like it:
Seems thousands of people have questions – important questions about my
Business Acceleration Program – far more questions than with any other product
I’ve ever created.

In fact, we’re getting so many inquiries, it just wouldn’t seem right to release my
Business Acceleration Program tomorrow. With only one thousand copies available,
it wouldn’t be fair to begin taking orders until I’ve fully satisfied everyone’s curiosity.

So I’ve I’ve decided to...(want to hear more? Go to my blog)

To Higher Profits

PS We’re making a big announcement tomorrow – so watch your inbox!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Let’s get a few things straight

I just had to publish this Posting where Rich responds to some comments to his blog posting called "I Don’t Think We Can Be Friends Anymore":

November 23rd, 2007 12:07 pm Rich Schefren

MyAvatars 0.2


Let’s get a few things straight.

When I said, “We can no longer be friends”, I was referring to my readers, prospects, clients, and fellow internet marketers that claim they’re listening to me, agreeing with me, but still (for some strange reason) not hearing my message.

I despise opportunistic thinking (as opposed to strategic thinking). It’s been one of my central rallying points since starting Strategic Profits.

Here’s why: It’s a bug (like a software bug), a thinking virus of some sort, residing in the brains of all those infected..

I say it’s a bug because it’s flies in the face of all reality. It’s a desire to get something for nothing. And that my friends is the one of the initial ingredients to everything bad in this world.

The PARASITE inside must be starved – yet, the opportunist thinker does the opposite – it feeds it.

When you focus your attention on a free ride to your dreams – and you pay whoever promises you the fastest and easiest trip, you can be guaranteed only one thing – the destination is never what was sold to you.

So, if you really believe there’s a magic “SECRET” that stands between yourself and massive wealth, or that there are real people (just like you and me) who know the secrets, but for some reason they are “SECRETS THEY DON’T WANT YOUTO KNOW”. Then you are either paranoid, scarcity minded, or insane – not three qualities I look for in my friends.

So, if I’ve been describing you - I don’t want to be friends with you anymore – it really is as simple as that.


A few readers have questioned why i would be friends with Mike Filsaime, and using him as an example of someone who sells “crap”.

At first I ignored these comments because they aren’t even on the same page of this post. There’s a big difference between an opportunity seeker and a sleezy marketer (which is what certain readers were accusing mike of being – which I disagree with 100%). I was writing about opportunity seekers and some of you felt it was a good place to point fingers at Mike and basically accuse him of sleezy marketing.

I saw it but, I ignored it, hoping one of my readers would address the issue for me so I didn’t need to get involved.

Yes, it’s true Mike Filsaime IS a close personal friend of mine. In fact, I feel extremely fortunate to be such close friends with Mike.

He was the friend that pushed me just enough to convince me to release the Internet Business Manifesto, He was the friend who believed in my message so much, he called all of his affiliates to personally get their commitment to mail for me. On top of all that, there’s even more. On my long list of well known clients – he was the ONLY (yes –only) guru who ever gave me credit when he was on stage in front of hundreds or thousands of marketers.

So, you can probably understand, when it comes to Mike Filsaime I am more than just a little biased.

But I am not only friends with Mike Filsaime because of what he’s done for me. In fact, there’s a bigger reason. I’ve got massive respect for Mike, he’s and I are very different types of people - in fact, sometimes I wish I acted a little more like Filsaime.

Mike’s an action oriented guy that gets things done fast. It’s that quick “get it done” quality that makes Mike one of the most successful guys in our industry and someone I admire.

Now, I am not going to defend every product he’s ever produced, it’s not my job to, and that’s not how I judge someone. I am also not going to defend his good reputation because a few like to question it. Anyone can do a google search on Mike, and make up there own mind.

Let’s take a look at some of the recent products from Mike Filsaime.
• PayDotCom
• Butterfly Marketing
• $5000 Workshop with glowing reviews
• The 7 Figure Code
• i5 Gold Mentoring Program
• Viral Friend Generator (I use it as you have seen)
• and several other quality products, software, and services that are used by thousands all over the web today.

I think it is unfair for any new person to marketing or new reader to my blog that may not know Mike, to get any impression of him based on the comments made by the many on this blog that may not know the real facts of his business (some that i have outlined above.)

If anyone wants to say that Mike does not run a quality value based business, then they really do not have there ear to the ground in this community.

I think I would NOT be a friend to Mike to allow this blog post to go off topic in such a way where the facts are just not stated correctly and I wanted to let my readers know that I think Mike’s products are great I happen to know he really cares about his customers and the value he create for them.

He’s one of the good guys and I refuse to have a few point to one out of his over 100 products as proof of anything.

Thanks for reading,
Rich Schefren