Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rich Schefren's GPS Program is completely SOLD OUT!

Hi guys,

I just found out from Rich and his Team that their Guided Profits System closed its doors on Friday night at 12:00 midnight.

What, you thought it would be open forever? Check it out and see for yourself: https://schefren.infusionsoft.com/go/GPS08/digitize/

However, these Strategic Profits programs are still available, most of them are completely FREE and you can grab them while you can by clicking on the following links below:

Keep Smiling!


Val Slastnikov

*IT Solutions - Better, Cheaper, Faster*

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oh crap--the gloves are coming off...

Have you had it, guys?

I mean REALLY had it?

Are those stupid little walls between you and your destiny making you frustrated, angry, and ready to spit nails?

You know the ones I'm talking about:

Trying to do everything right the first time...
Being too linear in your thinking...
Working too hard for too little...
Always feeling two steps behind...
Well, I know what you're going through.

Yes, believe it or not, I struggle with many of the same constraints you do.
Seems like very time I start to get a little momentum... SMACK! One of the same ol' friggin' roadblocks pops up and says,
"Hello, remember me? I'll be standing between you and your success today--and every day".


It's enough to make a guy toss up his hands and say, "Screw this. It ain't worth the hassle."

But don't. Please don't. Because help is on the way.

There's light at the end of the tunnel. And no, it's not an oncoming freight train.
It's the guru to the gurus, holding a flashlight and a GPS that will lead you out of this mess--once and for all.

Follow The Light, guys

Rich Schefren has had it with constraints too. And he's taking the gloves off.
In his new Global Profits System (GPS), Rich takes on the biggest nightmare to ever plague entrepreneurs: all that dinky little crap that seems so insignificant, yet holds so much stopping power.
Inside this in-depth coaching program, you'll walk side-by-side with Rich as he guides through a 30-day program that's not only going to push aside those constraints that are keeping you from success...
But literally PUMMEL those SOB's into submission.
Isn't that what you really want?

Follow The Light, guys

Rich's coaching programs are legendary for reversing the downward slide of a business and delivering a tidal wave of profits in record time..

Or actually, I should say "coaching PROGRAM"--with no "s". Because Rich doesn't do this type of thing anymore.

In fact, after the first program concluded (the same one that helped launch Joel Comm, Mike Filsaime, Michel Cheney, Tellman Knudson and many more into the top guru ranks), he swore off ever doing another one.

Why? Because it's an intense, grueling process.

Rich is on the phone with you virtually every day for a month...he's drilling you with questions about your business...and he's coming up with revolutionary strategies and tactics to pull massive profits from unlikely places.

This is not a "go to my blog and read this article once a month" thing. Rich virtually grabs you by the hand and FORCES you to be successful.

And if you can't handle it, then you shouldn't look at this page.

Follow The Light, guys

So are you ready?

Ready to fight through the roadblocks that are keeping you from the wealth, freedom, and lifestyle of your dreams?

Ready to finally discover how to eliminate those nasty walls you keep banging your head against?

Ready to smash your constraints once and for all?
Good--because Rich just pulled the gloves off. And he's about to go all UFC on those bad boys.

DING DING. Round one is underway...

Follow The Light, guys


Val Slastnikov

*IT Solutions - Better, Cheaper, Faster*

P.S. I know this email may have sounded a bit overly aggressive, but I did that to get your attention...

Because make no mistake about it: you're in a battle.
A battle for your time. A battle for your resources. A battle for your business profits.
And this battle is to the DEATH.

So you need someone in your corner who will lead the charge and fight for you tooth and nail...someone who's a leader among leaders...someone who knows how to defeat constraints and help you achieve the victory that's eluded you for way too long.

And that someone is Rich Schefren.
So you gonna let them win?

Follow The Light, guys

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Only 2.5 Constraints away from becoming the first Female Guru Online

Have you read Rich Schefren's latest Report, "The Uncertainty Syndrome" already? I did, and so did this attractive young lady that calls herself a "Video Marketing Queen". Her real name is Maria Andros, and she responded to Rich Schefren's Challenge to identify the biggest Constraint in her business that is holding her back. As per Maria, she is "only two and a half constraints away from becoming the first Female Guru Online."

The winner of Rich Schefren's Challenge will receive $100,000 Worth in Coaching and Training, as well as:

A full ride scholarship to his upcoming coaching program – where Rich and his Team will work together with you each and every day for thirty days. Together you’ll obliterate one business debilitating constraint after another. The net effect will be that what you write down on his blog will be true for you no latter than Halloween.
A one day blitz for your business – they’ll send you your airfare and set you up in a posh hotel right around the corner from Strategic Profits office so Rich's entire team and Rich himself can focus exclusively on your business. Every resource Rich has will be entirely focused on you and your success.
A complimentary spot in Rich's $25,000 private reserve club– including private masterminds (with other elite online entrepreneurs) at Rich's office, dedicated time with his staff, and exclusive personal access to Rich and his vast resources.

This is what Maria thinks the online World needs right now:

"We need more Female Gurus Rich hint hint. I know the demographics but all it takes is having enough of mediocrity and really for women and men to STEP UP to “Share their Message with the World”

I learned this a while ago “Your Mess is your Message”

So Rich I have posted my constraints allready in my other post and thankyou for all you are doing to empower people in Business and that you help

TRANSFORM Businesses and People not just INSPIRE them ( which is temporary)

I am ready to get into the trenches … Let’s do it."

If you are up to Rich Schefren's Challenge - rush to Rich's blog, read HIS NEW REPORT and MEET HIS CHALLENGE right now!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rich Schefren on Outsourcing (featuring IM OutSourcerer & Eva Schefren)

Jeff Walker to me
show details 6:03 AM (14 hours ago)

As I type this, Rich Schefren has been on a
live video stream for about 18 straight
hours - and he plans to keep going for another
6 hours... he's trying to make it to the 24
hour mark.

The dude is just plain crazy... he just keeps
answering question after question live on the
video stream - he's totally fueling himself
on Diet Coke, coffee, and cold Chinese

So WHY is he doing it? To celebrate that fact
that he FINALLY finished his latest report on
building your Internet business.

Rich has basically built his entire business
(and it's an EIGHT figure business) based on
his free reports - they are THAT good.

Basically, once or twice a year, he puts out
one of these killer business-building reports
and blows everyone away.

Then the reports get downloaded tens of
thousands of times, and then when he finally
decides to actually sell something, well...
everyone wants to buy it.

It's a pretty effective formula, and it all
starts with Rich's killer report. There's a
ton of great business building strategy in

Bottom line, go get the new report and read
it... you can thank me later. Here's the link:

Download Rich Schefren's Uncertainty Syndrome NOW

best regards,



Wednesday, September 17, 2008

24 Hour Live Stream with Rich Schefren

Live Videos by Ustream

Rich Schefren Live @ Ustream.TV: Rich Schefren goes live for 24 hours straight starting noon EST 9/17. Education, Business

Watch Rich Schefren Live for the next 24 hrs and read his report


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rich Schefren Announces His New Report

Rich Schefren releases a new video showing that his newest special report and business growth system is coming in September 2008. Rich gives you a few hints at what's inside.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Does This Guy Ever Let Up?

Val here...and I'm shaking my
head over this one...

Find out why

See, Rich Schefren just held the teleseminar to beat all
teleseminars, a star-studded 2-hour phone call that broke
virtually every record in the book.

The reaction was ENORMOUS, with thousands of internet
marketers listening in--and thousands more trying to.
Well, you'd think a guy would kick back and take a break
after an unprecedented event like that one, right?


Find out why

But this isn't just any ol' run-of-the-mill marketer we're
talking about here. This is Rich friggin' Schefren.
Guru to the gurus.

Mr. Manifesto.

And for a limited time, he's not only made the call available
to anyone...

He's also added 3 in-depth case studies to go along with it.
(Dude, give it a REST, wouldja? You're making us look bad.)

Find out why

It's true--you can hear the call in its entirety PLUS in-depth
audio recordings of Rich talking with Jim Edwards, Mike Filsaime,
and Hans and Dani Johnson.

These case studies go 'behind the scenes" with each of these
A-list marketers, revealing their most secret business
(and personal) struggles...and how they overcame them.
If you said to yourself "I'm must be the only one going through
this", you're wrong.

DEAD wrong.

And these case studies will prove it.

Find out why

Check 'em out right now. I honestly don't know how long Rich
is going to make them available. They may even be gone by
the time you read this.

Better check just to make sure.

Find out why

See you there...

P.S. Let's face it--constraints are something we all experience
in our business.

There's always going to be something blocking the way between
where we are...and where we want to be.

The key is to find a way to overcome those constraints and
keep moving forward. And with this call and these 3 case studies,
Rich points us in the right direction.
Well worth your time--I guarantee it...

Find out why

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rich Schefren's office got flooded! LOL

Hi guys,

Just yesterday morning I heard from Frank Kern that Rich Schefren was diagnosed with the "Hughes Syndrome" (as it turned out, Frank was just joking around,

as you can see for yourself here) - and now a new trouble:


Well, at least, that's what I thought when I heard from his office today. I briefly browsed through the message and when I saw the word "TSUNAMI" in it, I was about to start worrying BIG TIME about Rich and all of his employees, especially after what we've heard about those terrible hurricanes lately, and stuff...

I almost reached for the phone and wanted to offer them all to use my own home here in Canada as a shelter... well, at least until the tide subsides, that is!...

Fortunately, after I read the message once again I was relieved to find out that I was wrong. Stupid me! The Tsunami Rich's message was talking about turned out to be no more than just a 'figure of speech'...Wow, he almost got me scared again! And that is twice in the last 24 hours!

But you can imagine how worried it got me for just a second...

Here's what the message really said:

"We had over 7,000 people register just for the FIRST call and than all hell broke loose…   Thousands and thousands registered for the rest of them and replays… and you can see all the activity and what they had to say at the blog.  It was just off the charts.  This call has taken a life of its own and has hit us off guard.  We had to scramble to accommodate everyone.

Rich’s new report has been one of the hottest topics and I can’t wait to share it with you all.  The people involved with making this report and launch happen are the who’s who of business and marketing leaders. They are the people that have been involved in  launches that have gone to stratospheric levels.  Don’t let the opportunity to capitalize on those behemoths pass you by. Get involved today and be part of this undisputed tsunami..."

So, now that I can have a sigh of relief, here's my little gift for you, guys:

Go and grab THE RECORDING of Rich Schefren's call, along with the TRANSCRIPT of the call, before Rich and his Team decide to take their generous offer off the table...


You see, among other things, Rich also told me in confidence that they're only doing this for a short time...

So I wanted to make sure that you saw this ASAP...

Keep smiling!


P.S. One more quick favour before you go...

When you're on the online recording page, tell 4
or 5 of your friends about the call. Rich said they'll have a
special surprise for you when you do.

They don't have to be Internet marketers. They can
come from any business background or any level,
newbie to experienced.

But if they've ever faced constraints in their
business, they'll know EXACTLY what we're talking
about here.

And who knows? Maybe the content inside will help
someone get past a roadblock...which will make you
look like a hero.

Can't hurt, right?



Rich Schefren Diagnosed With 'Hughes Syndrome'

A Special Bulletin by Frank Kern, the Author of 'Mass Control'


Dear Friend,
First of all, Rich Schefren is going to be O.K.
It's not like he's about to die or anything.

But He Is Showing Signs Of A Serious Health Problem

I call it the "Hughes Syndrome".
You remember who Howard hughes was, right? The billionaire business mogul who eventually went kind of nuts.
...OK, he went completely nuts.
They made a movie about him called "The Aviator" a few years ago. (Great movie by the way.)
Anyway - Howard Hughes would become so obsessed with his work that he'd lock himself in a room for weeks and even months ...refusing to see anyone!
He event went so far as to have his meals slid through a special slot in his door ...working around the clock like a man possessed.

Rich Schefren Is Starting To Do The Same Thing And It's Freaking Me Out!

He hasn't gone as far as to have his meals slid under the door ...yet, but he is working like a man possessed (and he's been at it for months!)
See, a few months ago he called me at ZERO O'CLOCK in the morning (secret code for "too damn early to be calling") about a new breakthrough he'd discovered.
Rich figured out that most people like us pretty much know everything we need to know when it comes to running a business.
At least we know enough to get up and running.
For example, everyone knows you gotta have a "hungry" market.
And everybody knows you gotta sell something people already want.
And everybody knows you gotta use good compelling sales copy.
And if you just do those three things, you can pretty much get up and running and make a living.
No big deal, right? Easy.

But Hardly Anyone Actually Does It. Why?

What Rich discovered is that almost everyone has one hidden roadblock that's keeping them from moving forward.
He calls it a "constraint" ...and it could be a different constraint for different people.
For some, it might be a limiting belief. For others, a time management problem.
The point is, we all got 'em ...but very few people are able to identify these hidden constraints that hold you back.

Does This Sound Like You?

Have you ever bought a marketing course or been to a seminar and been like, "Yeah, that was pretty good but I knew that already."
Or have you ever felt like you already "know" marketing ...but you're just a little stuck when it comes to doing it?

It's Because Of Those Damned Contraints Rich Is Talking About

See ...you're not alone. Almost EVERYONE goes through this. And the reason why is there's one little hidden constraint somewhere that's standing in your way.
And once you identify it, it's pretty easy to overcome.
And once you overcome it,

It's Like Pouring Rocket Fuel Onto A Fire!

Your business takes off like crazy. And what's cool is it actually gets easier!
You'll find yourself making more progress in a month than you did in the previous year. I'm talking about exponential growth here.

I Know Because It Happened To Me

You know that Mass Control Giveaway promotion I just did? The one where I got 2,000 customers in less than 8 minutes after the official launch time?
Almost never happened because of a hidden constraint.
But once I identified the constraint, I was off to the races.
And I had 2,000 new customers only two weeks later.
Talk about a breakthrough!
And I owe it all to this discovery of Rich's.

Rich Is Going To Show You How You Can Harness This Breakthrough ...FREE!

Like I said at the beginning of this letter, Rich has been working like a mad scientist on a method to identify and overcome hidden constraints that are keeping you from making the money you want.
And he's teaching these new breakthrough concepts FREE.
You can get them here.


Listen, remember in the headline where I said "this can happen to you"?
What I meant was that you can end up overworked and all freaked out ...in a hurry.
Sometimes it's a "good" thing. like in Rich's case. He's made some amazing discoveries in the past few months and he's been burning the midnight oil in order to share them with the world.
But the "flip side" is the more common scenario.
Where you end up under pressure ...banging your head against the wall trying to move forward in your business ...and hitting a different roadblock every day.
I'm telling you, that's because of this hidden constraint thing. It happens to everybody and once you know about it, your life becomes 1,000 times easier.
Trust me on this.

Click here and learn what Rich has to share with you.

It's free and it's incredibly valuable.

This WILL help you. I can vouch for it from personal experience.

Talk soon,
P.S. I recorded a 6-minute interview with Rich talking about what my personal hidden constraint was and how I overcame it.
Rich will also share that with you. Free. Go here.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Want to thrive in failing Economy? - Become a Successful Entrepreneur!

Be The First To Profit

...from Rich Schefren's new groundbreaking project for online entrepreneurs...

As he reveals how the rules of online business are changing AGAIN!

Grab Your Spot Now


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Breaking News: Special added Call Next Tuesday

Hey Val,

Just put up another blog post with a special link inside. Check it out right now because you might be as surprised as I was on some things.

Things Are Heating Up

I say "right now" because I'm having a special call on Tuesday the 9th and I don't want you to miss it.

I had originally scheduled the call for Monday, but it filled up so fast I was forced to add a second call replay on Tuesday. And the slots on this one are flying out the door as well.

Things Are Heating Up

Plus, I'll also update you on how Tropical Storm Hanna affected us as well as the results of this week's "Smackdown".

Hint: No chairs were thrown...at least not yet.

Things Are Heating Up

To Higher Profits,