Sunday, February 21, 2010

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Hey guys,

Last time, we were talking about Jay Abraham
sharing his presentation from Harv Eker's "Never
Work Again" event... including over 25 secrets to
creating multiple streams of Passive Income.
And how if you know even a few of Jay's secrets,
you can do something once, and get paid for it

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The reason Harv Eker called on Jay to create a
breakthrough, short-course primer on mastering
passive income for his $2,000 a person event is
because Jay IS the preeminent expert in the world
on doing it.

And surprisingly, he became the "Master of Passive
Income" quite accidentally...

You see, over the last thirty years, as Jay
experienced all kinds of different marketing
strategies, profit-boosting manoeuvres and business
growth transactions... wildly enriching deals would
frequently pop up... which no one else saw the
monumental possibilities in.

These were potentially "monster" passive income
deals that Jay Abraham alone knew how to mine --
and monetize.

And, boy, did they pay off BIG-TIME for Jay... and
all the partners he brought into the various deals
he did.

For example...

A deal Jay did in 1970 paid him almost $50,000 a
month...for years. All from one week's effort on
Jay's part.

A deal Jay put together in 1982 generated just
under $10 million for Jay and three partners.
A deal he did in '92 still pays Jay up to $50,000
a year. And he has hasn't lifted a finger to do
anything on it for nearly a decade!

And a deal Jay did in all of 8 hours - sixteen months
ago - has been generating $400,000 a month in
revenue for him ever since.

Jay was in Asia last month doing a seminar and
still racked up $650,000 from this passive income
stream, literally while he was asleep on the other
side of the world!

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Why am I telling YOU this?

Because the story gets more interesting -- and more
relevant to you.

You see, Harv knew Jay could create passive income
streams (tons of them) almost anywhere in the
world - for almost anybody - in a matter of days or

...without any real risk, investment or heavy effort on
their part.

So, he had Jay do this universal, two-hour
presentation that combined about 25 actual success
stories Jay has engineered, along with a detailed
explanation of exactly how Jay orchestrated each
deal, combined with a candid recommendation of
how members of Harv's audience could do it for
themselves, too.

And now you can experience the same proven
strategies... and use them to create multiple
streams of Passive Income for yourself... when you
grab a FREE spot for the limited webcast of
"Master Of Passive Income":

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During this presentation, Jay carefully identifies
simple, easy, no-cost deals you can do worth
$1,000 - $5,000 a month -- passively.

He explains ways someone with no real skill,
training or capital can actually amass tens of
thousands in passive revenue, monthly.

Jay even told attendees at Harv Eker's event
brilliant ways you can tap absolute "gushers" of
windfall profits worth sometimes six figures a pop.
And now you can "steal" Jay's secrets to create
your own passive income sources... and your own
financial freedom.

Only thing, though. There are not many Free Access
spots left. They may be gone today.

So if you're serious about making a better life
for yourself... and creating your own streams of
passive income... you've GOT to be on this

So get your spot now, (it's FREE).

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IMPORTANT: Registrations for Jay's "Master of
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To higher profits,

P.S. Did you watch Jay's personal video message?

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