Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Money For Nothing. Never Work Again.

There's a way you can stop worrying.  Stop struggling -- and earn multiple streams of passive income forever, or certainly for a long time to come.

I'm not talking about network marketing.  I'm not talking about real estate.  I’m not talking about starting a business.  I'm not talking about trading options, either.

I'm talking about capitalizing on capitalism;  getting control, access or “profit” rights to all kinds of overlooked passive income situations that most business owners never see or seize.

You get to play off of dozens and dozens and dozens of different businesses -- without having to manage, work on them -- or even come in.

We're talking about doing something once, then getting paid for (and from) it forever -- for months, even years, to come.
We're talking about being able to go into any city -- anywhere in the world and finding not one or two -- but literally thousands of businesses with untapped passive income situations -- that you, alone can mine.

Make $1,000; $5,000; $10,000 a month per deal and the revenues quickly mount up -- all while you're not there.  Mostly without you personally having to do anything but set the deal up in the beginning.
Control is better than ownership or management.
Just ask the partners of my good friend Jay Abraham and his wealthy clients who've made nearly $500 million in passive income over the years.

Generating passive income sure beats working hard for a living.
Years ago, a good friend of mine wrote a book called "The Lazy Man's Way to Riches."  Well, passive income generation has to be the closest thing you'll ever learn about.

Almost no one knows this fact, but...

My good friend, marketing super consultant, Jay Abraham is also considered one of (if not THE) world's leading expert on mastering passive income generation.

Jay has set up over 100 "monster successful" income deals for himself, partners and clients all over the world, in all sizes, types and kinds of business situations.

You name the industry, type of business or country and Jay has found ingeniously simple ways to mine a small fortune from it passively -- for himself, his partners or clients.

Earning tens of thousands of dollars monthly without working may not be YOUR idea of fun... but Jay has found it to be the most joyous, enriching and creatively stimulating thing anyone can do to amass a small or large fortune - without risk.  No capital is required, either.

Would you like to gain a short-course introductory education in how it's done?

Would you also like to learn about nearly 25 actual, killer passive income deals Jay has personally engineered?

Would you even like to know specific, instantaneous ways you -- yourself -- could start setting up as many passive income streams as you possibly want?

OK.  Then join Jay on a "Special Edition" broadcast he is doing next week of a presentation he originally created as the keynote for Harv Eker's breakthrough "Never Work Again" conference.  People paid $2000 a person to attend and hear Jay’s far reaching, breakthrough ideas.

- It's a fast-paced, 2 1/2 hour adventure in ten, exciting Passive Income areas you can mine immediately.
- It shares the specifics on actual deals Jay has accomplished.
- It describes the precise process Jay follows to do the deals. - It provides surprisingly candid instruction in how you can do these kinds of deals yourself.
- It has nothing to do with business building.  Marketing is far removed from the powerful ideas you're about to learn.
- These two hours should transform the rest of your economic life.
- Two hours could propel your income into the stratosphere.
- Two hours could turn you from a wage earner or struggling entrepreneur -- into a prosperous master of passive income.

Plus, because he’s a great friend of mine, Jay is even going to work for a full month with 100 people from my group -- without charge -- as a daring performance “challenge”--to prove to the press what you can do.  And the monster income you can generate--when Jay Abraham personally mentors you.

Jay regularly sells out his own seminars at $25,000 per person.  He’s paid $5,000.00 per hour, $50,000 per day when he advises someone privately.

Plus, frankly, he has never offered unique information like this before at any public or private session he’s ever held.

I doubt if Jay will ever offer it without charge, again.

But, for one week, we're letting three small groups of our email subscribers listen to Jay Abraham tell you exactly how to create gushers of passive income streams for yourself.

If you're at all intrigued -- enroll quickly.

But don't sign up unless you're committed to show up.

Let yourself down -- but please don't let me and my commitment to Jay’s daring experiment down.

I promised Jay we had high quality, “Take-action” people on our list - - who’d "JUMP” at the chance to hear this presentation - gratis.  I felt a number of you could pounce on Jay’s offer to mentor you without charge for a month, too -- once you saw how enriching his ideas can be.

This broadcast is intended only for serious people on our list who are ready to throw off their shackles and catapult themselves to a place where they do something once and get paid for it forever.  If you can’t see yourself deserving, earning and receiving mounds of Passive Income streams - - please don’t respond.

To me, Passive Income represents the ultimate form of wealth creation, financial security and prosperity you could achieve.

Find out exactly how to do so by clicking to enroll...


Rich Schefren
Jay Abraham has been my own personal consultant, advisor and mentor for over 10 years.  My original thinking on multiple income streams was forged from ideas Jay provided to me.

This is a mammoth thinker, a true wealth building giant and an expert whose ideas can redefine your future financial destiny and life.

Click here to enroll without charge...

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