Sunday, January 27, 2008

My $10k gift to you ...

Rich Schefren to me
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Hey Val,

You know the old joke…”He’s a legend in his own mind?”

Well this Sunday, my personal mentor and famed marketing
maven JAY ABRAHAM is joining me for a historic
teleconference with one mission in mind:

To begin transforming YOU into a legend in your prospects’

Put simply, Jay and I are going to make you famous.

For two solid hours, we’re going to help you take the first
giant steps to transforming yourself into the dominant
thought leader... the leading authority... THE MAVEN in your

And we’re also going to invite you to join us to complete the
process ... IN PERSON!

This call is absolutely essential for you if you really, truly and
sincerely want your online or offline business to explode past
all of your other competitors…

If you genuinely want to see your income multiply

And if you want to see your business, productservice – and
yourself – catapulted into stratospheric levels of respect,
response and financial prosperity.

In network theory and sociology, a maven is someone who
has a disproportionate influence, power and ethical control
over all the other members of the network. 

The role of a maven in propagating true knowledge and
defining market preferences has been well established in a
wide range of fields, from politics to social trends.

In recent years, respected economists have spent a great
deal of time studying the powerful influence that mavens
have over markets and all the people who make them up. 

You see, if a marketplace depends on information, then the
people with the most information must be THE most

Between us, Jay and I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs,
business owners and marketers achieve maven status in their

They are seen by the marketing world as the most trusted
experts in their fields.  Our clients are recognized by their
markets (and their jealous competitors) as being the most
influential voices in their marketing universes.

Their markets have concluded that the people we’ve worked
with must have the most quality information, the most
important information, and the greatest understanding.

Consequently, our clients become THE "go to" source. They
are the ultimate authorities, the guiding lights, the thought
leaders of their field.

And once we do this for you, the benefits that go along with
attaining this level of prestige, respect, esteem and influence
begin flowing almost instantly:

-- You become the first choice provider of information,
    products, services.

-- You command premium pricing and thus, earn markedly
    greater profit margins than your competition.

-- Your marketing is eagerly awaited, enthusiastically
    embraced and totally trusted by all who receive it.  Hence,
    far more people buy.  Their loyalty levels shoot off the

-- New success and wealth flow to you naturally...
   automatically... and your income explodes by an order of

And it all begins for YOU this Sunday, January 27th!

Registration for this historic event is strictly limited – and

If you know anything at all about me, you know that my
clients pay me millions of dollars every year to help them
achieve dominance in their markets.

And if you know anything about Jay, you know that his
clients eagerly pay him $5,000 per hour for his inspired

But this Sunday, you get BOTH of us for TWO FULL HOURS...
focusing 100% of our energies, experience and genius on
lifting you head and shoulders above your competition and
getting you all the attention from prospects you deserve --

Space is strictly limited:  You must register NOW!

More than 300,000 entrepreneurs and marketers are reading
this invitation right now – but to keep this historic one-time
event intimate, we’ve reserved only 1000 slots.

The ONLY way I can guarantee you’ll have the opportunity to
attend is for you to click one of these links to register now!

Click here to register for the 12:00pm Eastern time call

Click here to register for the 5:00pm Eastern time call

Then, just watch your inbox for instructions on how to

I urge you, Val -- DO NOT miss this
one-time only event.  Click one of these links to register

To higher profits,


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