Thursday, November 8, 2007

The making of a new and better life...

Did you drag yourself out of bed this morning and make your
way to a job that you hate?

Do you dream of a better life as you battle your way home
through the traffic and crowds on the trains, feeling tired and

Well I want you to meet someone that WAS in your exact

Jaime Luchuck felt just like you... every morning and every

So what happened that completely changed Jaime's world of
slaving away in her Dilbert cube... day after day?

She took a big step, and became a contestant on Joel Comm's
"The Next Internet Millionaire" reality show.

As she moved through the audition and judging process,
Jaime learned Internet marketing from some of the web's
leading experts.

She uncovered the realities and opportunities that exist for
anyone online. Her old view that making a living online is
mystic and secretive was shattered in a matter of weeks.

Jaime felt so confident and so empowered...she made the
gutsy move of quitting the job she hated...determined to
become the next Internet success story.

To share her experience with others that hope to someday
break free from their slave-labor jobs, Jaime has put together
a new book that outlines how she's making a new and better
life for herself.

In "From Cubicle Slave to Next Internet Millionaire" Jaime
provides a behind-the-scenes look at being a contestant on a
reality show.

But that's not all... You'll uncover all of the marketing and
business advice she was given by some of the biggest names
on the Internet. Tips and tricks you can use to get on the road to
making your better life.

Grab your copy of "From Cubicle Slave to Next Internet Millionaire"
today and you'll get a special surprise from the expert judges
who appeared on Joel's show...

Jaime's story is truly compelling, from her accounts of being a
reality show contestant to the lessons she learned from a near-
death experience.

On top of that, her new book is packed with marketing and
business information you can use to start making your better
life today.

I was a judge on "The Next Internet Millionaire" and can tell you
that Jaime is a sharp person that will inspire and motivate you to
achieve the greatness you deserve.

To Higher Profits,
Rich Schefren

P.S. Are you ready to leave the job you hate behind? Well this is
your chance to get a helping hand from someone just like you,
that's making a better life for herself right now...

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