Saturday, March 29, 2008

Daddy, Why Won't They Let Me On The Plane?

Hey Val,

Rich here, and my daughter's tear-choked words are
still ringing in my ears as we speak...

See, last Monday was one of the most frustrating days
in recent memory. Just when I thought it couldn't get
it any worse, it did.

And it kept going from there.

Here's what happened in a nutshell...

I took Deb and the girls to the airport to catch an
early flight. They were heading for Barbados for a few
days of sun, sand, and quality Mommy-Daughter time.

I dropped them off, kissed everyone goodbye, and was
headed back to the office when...

BOOM! The Porsche blows a tire.


So I'm on the shoulder of I-95, jacking up my vehicle
and swearing under my breath while cars zoom within
inches at 90-plus MPH...and my cell rings.

It's Deb--with more bad news. Ava's passport expired
last week, and they won't let her through security.


Now, if you've traveled out of the country recently,
you know how much of a pain that passports can be.

You might as well get in a boat and start rowing--
chances are you'll get there faster.

So I finish changing the tire and double-time it back
to the airport (looking oh-so-presentable with my
sweat-soaked shirt and black-smeared hands) to help
straighten this out.

Long story short, we spent the next 8 hours or so
jumping through hoops, filling out forms, and arguing
heatedly with State Department reps...

...until finally, around 6 pm, my family lifted off the
runway towards Barbados.

As I was driving back home, lamenting the fact
that I had lost an entire day of productivity, two
thoughts struck me that immediately began to ease my

The first was this: How cool is it that I was able to
just blow off a day of work and help my wife with this

Many people can't do that. There's no way they could
just leave their cubicle and take care of an emergency
without getting permission from this supervisor and
that manager...

But because I run my own successful business, I was
able to call the shots--not someone else. And that's a
gratifying feeling if there ever was one.

Secondly, I thought, "How many other people have the
freedom to just zip off to a beautiful first class
resort on a Caribbean island at a moment's notice?"

That's how the Schefrens work. When we need a break, we
don't plan months in advance and shop for the best

We just pick up the phone, call our travel agent, and
book an island getaway...a cruise...a week at
Disney...a ski trip, whatever strikes our fancy.

And we don't worry about budgets or securing vacation
time or any of that stuff--we just go.

(In fact, I did some quick math, and while I was
speaking at a recent event to an audience that included
high-ranking reps from Google and Microsoft, Deb's trip
was paid for in my first 10 minutes on stage.)

So how did we get to this point in life, where we
literally have the freedom to do anything we want--
whenever we want--without a care in the world?


I can trace it back to one single strategy
that changed everything in my business virtually
overnight and gave me the lifestyle I've always dreamed

This is, by far, the single most influential strategy
anyone ever taught me...and the most important
element of your business growth.

It virtually guarantees your success if you follow the
process, delivering the wealth, freedom, and
opportunity you've always desired in the fastest
possible time.

So what is it?  

Go to the blog right now to find out.

To Higher Profits,


P.S. Sorry this was a little longer than most of my
emails, but it's one of the most important that I've
ever written...

Because if I didn't have the freedom to help my family
in their time of need, last Monday's frustrations would
have been multiplied a hundredfold.

And just the fact that we're able to do these types of
things--travel, see the world, give our kids
unforgettable's just remarkable.

But I can trace all the success, all the wealth, and
all the incredible business growth of Strategic Profits
to this one thing...

..and you can have it too--right now--and begin your
own journey to unparalleled freedom in the next few

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