Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Daddy, Are You Crying? 'Yes' I said...‏

His death came as quite a shock not only to me,
but also to Debi and my two daughters. He was a
kind of icon in our family; someone we often
imitated for fun but knew we were never came close
to his talent.

His performances were like no one else in his
business, real works of art that could not be
duplicated. His unimaginable passing at the young
age has immediately made life seem more fragile to

It seems unreasonable to have a strong feeling for
a marketer you hardly knew. But what made him so
special was that he did what he did in a way that
made you want to like him first, and then and only
then buy the product he was selling.

In fact, it was like whatever he was selling just
didn't feel like selling - to me (and countless
others) it felt more like it was being recommended
by a friend.

I think that there are a lot of things to learn
from him - which is why I have just posted the
longest blog post I've ever written in my entire
online career detailing every single gem I ever
learned from him.

Click here

If nothing else, the guy was an artist who was the
very best at what he did. That's something I've
always respected no matter the field of endeavor.
While I've been slaving away at the keyboard
reviewing everything he put his mark on - a wave
of sadness came over me, and a tear ran down my
face. My older daughter Ava saw and asked "Daddy,
are you crying?"

"Yes" I said. And then I did my best to describe
what I was feeling in a way a seven year old could

"I'm writing about everything I learned from him,
and it's so much - and he worked so hard for so
many years to learn it all - and now when he
finally was the best in the world and still
getting even better... he went to heaven. And the
worst part of it is he had a daughter just one
year older than Elle (her younger sister) so it
makes me sad to think about that."

You can read all about him here:

Click here

I did the best job I could translating everything
I learned from what he did. I hope you get immense
value from this blog post - if you did I know he
would be proud.

To higher profits,

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