Friday, July 31, 2009

What The Heck Is The Founders Club?‏

From: Todd Brown
Re: What The Heck Is The Founders Club?

Since we released our brand new micro-report
the other day, The Founders Forumula, we've
been getting hammered with questions.

You have read your copy of the Founders
Formula already, right?

If not, you can grab another copy now:

Get Your Founder Formula Report Here

The feedback seems to be that the graphic
on page 10 has radically changed the way
many online marketers are going to go
about making moolah and growing their
business online.

You can read everyone's insights and
takeaways by quickly hopping over to the
blog -

Ironically, though, most of the questions
flooding-in haven't been about the new
Report at all. But, have been about Rich
Schefren's soon-to-be-unveiled Founders Club
mentioned on pages 16 and 17.

Our support has been getting inundated with
questions such as:

* How will the Founders Club help a brand new
marketer go from zero to a big income and
freedom from their eventual business?

* How will the Founders Club propel a
veteran marketer to total freedom from
their company?

* How will the Founders Club differ from
everything else ever offered at Strategic

What will you get when you become a
member of the Founders Club next Wednesday
August 15th?

* And... the big one... is membership in
the Founders Club going to be in the
thousands or hundreds of dollars?

Well, rather than write a lengthy email answering
all of those questions for you, I've decided to
release a video tomorrow (Saturday) to answer
everything for you.

So, tomorrow's video will reveal everything
for you.

Please keep in mind while you're waiting for
tomorrow's video...

Me, Rich, Brian and the entire Team at Strategic
Profits have been working on the Founders Club
for close to 5 months now to make sure it gives
you exactly what you need to shortcut your
path to financial, personal and business freedom

And, I think you'll see that in tomorrow's video.
But, even with that said...

The Founders Club will NOT be for everyone, nor
do I believe everyone will be willing to invest
the money to become a Member.

But, that's okay.

The Founders Club was designed from the ground
up for entrepreneurs truly serious about making
big money online in the shortest time possible...
AND.. with the personal time and freedom to
enjoy their success.

If that describes you... you'll want to watch
tomorrow's video.

Todd Brown :-)
P.S. Even though Rich is in Cleveland for the
weekend hanging out with Jay Abraham and Dan
Kennedy, I'll be watching the blog to answer
the smaller questions being left there.
So, if you have some shorter questions, hop
over to the blog now, and fire-away. :-)

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