Thursday, July 30, 2009

As promised - here's your F2 Download

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Get Your Founder Formula Report Here

It's a brand new micro-report we've
just released called the Founder Formula.
And, in just 18 quick pages it shows
you the shortest path to achieving
ANY online business goal.

This is the next step in our Founder

Get Your Founder Formula Report Here

Plus, inside you'll also see:

* How to design a business that allows you
to take one-week, two-week, and even one-month

* Why you MUST AVOID the Outsourcing Myth
so many unsuspecting online marketers are
buying into.

* The most effective way to apply marketing
tactics to your online business. Do it any
other way and your results will suffer!

* How to avoid information overload. (This is
the secret method Founders use to learn and
grow stress-free)

* The X-Factor that's even more important than
knowing how to get new customers
. This one
thing is THE difference between average
marketers and the masters!

* The 2 areas of your online business that make
you money and determine how much you grow
. Most
online marketers get this totally backwards.

* The simple solution that solves almost any
business problem.

* The online marketing mentality you MUST FLEE
FROM... if you ever want to make the big
money online with little effort long-term.

* Why a majority of online marketers are
building their online businesses completely
backwards. And, how to build your business
like a Founder so you gain complete autonomy
and freedom in your life.

* ...and much, MUCH MORE!

Get Your Founder Formula Report Here

To Higher Profits,

Rich Schefren
P.S. Inside your brand new Founder Formula
micro-report, you'll also be shown the ONLY
path to easy success online.

This works whether you want to get complete
freedom from your business or just make an
extra hundred-thousand dollars per year.

Get Your Founder Formula Report Here

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