Monday, July 23, 2007

Rich Schefren recommends...

I reprint the letter that I received from Rich Schefren 3 days ago in its entirety. Why? Because I know that Rich would never recommend anything that he would not use himself, and I highly value his opinion as a Business Expert...
- Val Slastnikov

"For Serious Website Owners and Internet Entrepreneurs Only

Hi Val,

Building your businesses in a STRATEGIC way is the only way to really find success in the long term.

I'd like to share a model - that I know first hand - to really build a business. A model that you can count on to make you a lot more money than you're making now.

"Membership Sites"
, where people to pay you money every month to access your site, has made a lot of my members wealthy.

Tim Kerber and Ryan Lee really understand this model and have released their program today. Judging by the initial sales numbers, it's a huge hit.

Think about it... if you are having success selling a product or service, and you haven't learned how to immediately turn that sale into a monthly (or even weekly) membership, subscription, or other recurring payment, then you are leaving thousands of dollars on the table.

Let's do some simple math

Let's say you're selling a $27 ebook. And each time you make a sale your revenue is $27 dollars.

Subtract out any marketing costs... and you are left with your PROFIT.

That's simple business 101... nothing ground breaking, and we all understand that, right?

But here's the REALITY.

You could just as easily sold that customer a recurring SUBSCRIPTION for $10 a month, or $20 a month... or even $29 a month!

And they might have stayed with you for three or four months... or maybe a couple of YEARS!

Then, every time you flipped your calendar over to a new month, you would have ANOTHER sale generated for that customer... and EVERY OTHER CUSTOMER that you have!

Just do the math - if that one customer stayed with you got just six months, he could easily be worth a hundreds of dollars instead of that paltry $27.

And that's why you are LOSING money every time you make a one-time sale to a customer.

What are you waiting for?

You can start enjoying your new, money-making, for-real Internet Business called a Membership Site.

So if you ready to get to work and transform your web business into a dependable cash generator, you owe it to yourself to check this out.

To Higher Profits,

Rich Schefren"

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