Friday, July 6, 2007

Victim of Attention Age

Warning: This Video contains violence. Viewer discretion is strongly advised...

How do people react to Rich Schefren's "Attention Age Doctrine"?

Well, the reaction has been mixed so far...One thing is certain though: everyone who read it cannot wait to get the next installment of his report. Read feedbacks here...

One of the most unorthodox Video responses to the Doctrine was produced by Andrea Yager from Jerusalem, Israel  who is one of the contestants in Joel Comm's "The Next Internet Millionnaire" Online TV show.

By this time, Joel is still in process of selecting the 12 finalists for the show, and Andrea has a pretty good chance to qualify, as she received an overwhelmingly huge number of votes and her video is one of the Top 50 in the contest. You can watch Andrea's audition here...

If you liked Rich Schefren's report, what I want you to do is the following:

1 – Listen to the Attention Age Interview call with Jay Abraham (it’s the best explanation of what Rich's current thoughts are) here

2 – Subscribe to Rich's blog on his website at:

3 – Although the doctrine is not complete, Rich would really like to hear your thoughts – please post your comments to his blog, right here.

(Rich reads each and every single comment on his blog, each and every day) 

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