Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Why go to Acceleration Squared Seminar?

I received another email from Rich Schefren 2 days ago about his Acceleration Squared Seminar...

It has a lot of great material that has not been released anywhere yet - not on Strategic Profits website, not in Rich's blog, and not on any of his successful clients' websites or blogs either.

So I decided to share this on my Secret blog because if you want to really be successful in your online business, you need to have access to what Rich is teaching firsthand. And if you want to take a "sneak peak" at Acceleration Squared Seminar, as well as 'Attention Age Doctrine" Part 2 - here is a perfect opportunity for you, folks - "straight from the horse's mouth", so to speak...So enjoy!

Rich Schefren

Mon, 9 Jul 2007 21:52:50 -0400 (EDT)

Val Slastnikov

In 8 Days From Now You Could Be My Next Success Story

Hi Val,

I've got good news and bad news

First the bad news... 9 days ago I opened up 100 seats to
my upcoming Attention Age Super-Summit and they sold out
fast. Plus, we've maxed out all the rooms at the hotel...
I've been told there are no vacancies.

But there is good news too!

I just got word from my team... by reworking and
redesigning the seating layout we can now squeeze in
exactly 6 additional growth-oriented business builders
into our super-summit. Plus we've negotiated discounted
rates at two nearby hotels.

So I'm inviting 6 more of you to participate... if you can
move fast.

I am almost embarrassed to admit this - but in my mad
rush to alert you to this event, I made a few rookie
mistakes and neglected to share three important pieces
of information you'll appreciate.

Here they are...

First off, I've been receiving lots of questions about
my Attention Age Doctrine lately. Most of them fall into
1 of 2 categories. I thought I addressed these in the
Doctrine - but I went back, checked it out and now
understand how some might have mistaken what I wrote...
So here's what I meant to say (lol).

Before ever releasing any of my reports... I research,
analyze, investigate, and vigorously test out in the
marketplace all my new breakthrough strategies and
ideas. Once I finish it, I immediately share it with my
private clients FIRST.

Then I share a bird's eye-view of the ground-breaking
information in a report I make available for
approximately 200,000 of my subscribers.
But, since my Attention Age Doctrine was incomplete,
this time I had a dilemma. I had two choices...

- Send you nothing whatsoever, and keep you in the dark
about this historic threat/opportunity, or...

- Share with you part one (the problem part) - and then
work rigorously to get you part two (the solution) with
all the action steps, implementation, strategies, and
execution tactics you can use to profit from the current
marketplace shifts.

Obviously, I chose to do the latter.

Some people failed to realize and appreciate the service
I was trying to do for them. So just in case - yes,
there is a part 2. And part 2 has all the tactics, tips
and juicy details that you'll be very excited to get
your hands on. And, I apologize if my intent was

Secondly, I never actually spelled out the powerful
financial payoff this incredible event can mean to your
business and personal future. Sure, I told you what it
IS, but those are mere features. I never explained or
dimensionalized what it's like to thoroughly captivate
your marketplace's attention, and multiply your own
personal leverage. The transaction benefits to you...
are unimaginable.

So let me do that now...

On a personal level, after just the first 2 days you'll...

- Double and redouble again your reading speed,
listening speed (training audios), and viewing speed
(training videos) no matter how slow or fast you are
right now.

This change alone can vault you to GURU status in your
market in the blink of an eye. No matter what format
the info gets to you in... you'll rip through it, digest
it, lock it into memory and then easily apply it.

Look, no one is 10 times smarter than you - that's
impossible... but there are business owners making a
100 times more than you. I can tell you based on my
thousands of clients the primary reason is what we'll be
covering that first morning.

- Increase your memory substantially just by
understanding and using this simple algorithm. You'll
triple your retention... amplify your natural genius, make
smarter and more profitable business decisions, just
because you won't forget the small details that really

- Use the very same method I've perfected over the past
5 years (that I've never taught anyone) to conduct
research 400% faster, get better source material,
develop original ideas in order to author manifestos,
doctrines, reports, articles, link-bait, etc. and
immediately catapult your business to an entirely
new level.

The first three Manifestos I wrote brought in over 7
million (gross) - and I almost failed English in high
school. Imagine having the same arsenal at your
disposal. How big would you grow your business? How
often would you decide to write a report? Where would
you live?

- Leverage a single (extremely easy to learn) piece of
software to manage all your projects, your plans, and
your virtual team and your personal commitments without
having to waste any precious time on gimmicks or tricks.
Instantly your productivity will jump 25% (that's already
an extra 10 hours in a 40 hour week).

- Learn this easy 5 step process I use myself to master
new business topics and opportunities faster than those
around you, so you can pounce on any opportunity at a
moment's notice. For many entrepreneurs that one right
decision made quicker than all those around them was
their lift-off point that got them the contacts and
reputation to climb much higher...

- Use your own personal knowledge management system to
continuously get compounded returns from each and every
new piece of information you come across. It'll be
organized, easy to use, and your newest secret weapon -
because it's a photographic memory that never fails.

Most importantly, your business will be completely
transformed by this 4-day experience. Because we're
going to show you how to...

- Totally automate your business so it requires the
least amount of your own personal attention - you'll end
up doing less, but your business will bring in a lot
more because of the follow-up systems, client up-sell
systems, and referral systems you'll have in place.

- Easily make yourself and your business stand out so
distinctively in the overcrowded marketplace that you
become the logical choice. You'll instantly captivate
the attention trust and response of your entire
marketplace. All the while building a large, responsive
and super-profitable list with sales that'll dwarf your
competitors. Then I'll show you how to apply it to your
backends and your revenues will grow exponentially!

- Track the vital few details you must place your
attention on for maximum growth. Most entrepreneurs get
this part of the prosperity puzzle completely wrong.
Either they leave out a crucial element or focus on the
wrong ones. Either way, they end up marginalizing the
business' performance and their personal income instead
of optimizing it.

Just so we are clear here - I am not trying to sell
anyone who doesn't "get it" by now - I don't need to, I
don't want to, and I don't have to. I am here to offer
just 6 additional highly motivated entrepreneurs (out of
the 200,000 on my list), and share this experience with
me and my elite clients.

It's your chance - to rub shoulders, interact and share
ideas with the highest caliber of performing online
business owners ever assembled - that you won't get at
any other marketing, internet marketing, or business
seminar. There will be more than 7 of my clients'
businesses attending who bring in over 15 million a year
each. There will be 23 that do over 5 million year. And
one that does over 50 million annually. Where else do
you get an opportunity to network and mastermind with a
group like this?

But as good as this is, there's a rub...

It's now down to the 11th hour, Val

- the event is just 3 days away. This might just be the only
time this decade you have an opportunity to catapult
yourself from mediocrity to millions under my watchful
eye with so many proven marketing masters and winners.
I've created this entire event solely as a service to my
clients. The reason - It's where I know the biggest
opportunities will be for breaking through that glass
ceiling of business profits.

But I decided at the last moment to open up a 100 places
to my email subscribers and they were all snapped up in
a couple of days.

Some of you might not get this because you're too young

- but about 20 years ago there was a movie named Field
of Dreams. In it, the main character kept receiving the
message "if you build it, they will come". The Doctrine,
this 4-day event, and now this heartfelt communication,
is my way of letting you know... I've built it for you.

Will you come?

The action-oriented entrepreneurs who are willing to put
timing issues aside and come to Florida are going to
experience a life shifting transformation. Plus the
return on the investments of your time will be unlike
anything you've seen, or ever imagined.

It's now up to you - 6 new success stories... will you be
one of them?

Time is of the essence Val.

To Higher Profits,
Rich Schefren

PS - It's late, I've got to get home, and everybody has
already left for the day...The waiting list is up which
means it'll be on a first come first serve basis. We'll
go by your time zone (make sure to give us your phone

PPS - My conscious is now clear. I've done everything
humanly possible to get the right entrepreneurs down
here. I've made it incredibly affordable, offered an
incredible guarantee (where I'll even pick up your plane
fare if you decide to leave) and have even included
quite a few mystery bonuses that'll blow attendees away.

PPPS - If you don't see the value or you don't want to
spend an extra $125 on airfare, or can not move your
schedule around to accommodate what I am offering, then
this event is not for you. I don't mean to be rude or
condescending - but just imagine if one of my coaching
clients didn't join and missed out on the multi-million
dollar profit surges I helped them create. It really is
the entrepreneurial equivalent of being the fifth Beatle.
It's only 3 days away... but you could be back home in 7
days on track to build the business you've always
dreamed about.

Strategic Profits
100 NE 5th Ave, 2B
Delray Beach, Fl 33483
(954) 429-3114

Just to let you know, folks. I wanted to take advantage of Rich's offer this morning and I clicked the link in the email that Rich included...But I was a little late to take action, so when I arrived there - this is what I saw:


If you would like to be added to our waiting list, please use the form below...

We will notify you if any openings occur."

So I had to fill out the form and get on the "Waiting List"...Sorry that I will not be your next Success Story, Rich. Well...maybe another time?

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