Monday, September 10, 2007

Garbage for some, Diamonds for others...


Hey Val,

Some people wonder if I really read all of the comments my readers post on the blog.

Well I do, and I want to share a few very observant comments with you, before I invite you to check out the follow-up to our last Attention Hog post...

Our reader Bill R. was speaking of one of his Attention Hogs  -- e-mail -- as "mostly junk, with occasional gems..."

Fred R. had this striking revelation: "Our position in our society is the sum total of the choices that we have made in life. And, information is one of those choices. It all depends on how we use it. What is garbage for some people can be diamond for others. "

Here's part of what Ken F. shared: "I long ago realized that there is trash that is unworthy of my attention… I very much consider your e-mails (and blog entries) one of my better investments of attention for learning purposes…"

And as a side note to Scott Y... Yes, Scott, you do have my attention.
And to Kristina from Bulgaria... Thanks for your kind comments. I assure you I am not a machine. :)

Click here to read today's blog post and you'll see why I create these posts for you on a regular basis.

As long as you fully realize the value of the attention you pay, and make the right choices based on that value, you'll always get something useful in return.

Visit my blog to find out more...

To Higher Profits,
Rich Schefren

P.S. You'll also see how online business owners have leveraged this philosophy time and time again... to make gold out of straw. Really.

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