Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rich Schefren Diagnosed With 'Hughes Syndrome'

A Special Bulletin by Frank Kern, the Author of 'Mass Control'


Dear Friend,
First of all, Rich Schefren is going to be O.K.
It's not like he's about to die or anything.

But He Is Showing Signs Of A Serious Health Problem

I call it the "Hughes Syndrome".
You remember who Howard hughes was, right? The billionaire business mogul who eventually went kind of nuts.
...OK, he went completely nuts.
They made a movie about him called "The Aviator" a few years ago. (Great movie by the way.)
Anyway - Howard Hughes would become so obsessed with his work that he'd lock himself in a room for weeks and even months ...refusing to see anyone!
He event went so far as to have his meals slid through a special slot in his door ...working around the clock like a man possessed.

Rich Schefren Is Starting To Do The Same Thing And It's Freaking Me Out!

He hasn't gone as far as to have his meals slid under the door ...yet, but he is working like a man possessed (and he's been at it for months!)
See, a few months ago he called me at ZERO O'CLOCK in the morning (secret code for "too damn early to be calling") about a new breakthrough he'd discovered.
Rich figured out that most people like us pretty much know everything we need to know when it comes to running a business.
At least we know enough to get up and running.
For example, everyone knows you gotta have a "hungry" market.
And everybody knows you gotta sell something people already want.
And everybody knows you gotta use good compelling sales copy.
And if you just do those three things, you can pretty much get up and running and make a living.
No big deal, right? Easy.

But Hardly Anyone Actually Does It. Why?

What Rich discovered is that almost everyone has one hidden roadblock that's keeping them from moving forward.
He calls it a "constraint" ...and it could be a different constraint for different people.
For some, it might be a limiting belief. For others, a time management problem.
The point is, we all got 'em ...but very few people are able to identify these hidden constraints that hold you back.

Does This Sound Like You?

Have you ever bought a marketing course or been to a seminar and been like, "Yeah, that was pretty good but I knew that already."
Or have you ever felt like you already "know" marketing ...but you're just a little stuck when it comes to doing it?

It's Because Of Those Damned Contraints Rich Is Talking About

See're not alone. Almost EVERYONE goes through this. And the reason why is there's one little hidden constraint somewhere that's standing in your way.
And once you identify it, it's pretty easy to overcome.
And once you overcome it,

It's Like Pouring Rocket Fuel Onto A Fire!

Your business takes off like crazy. And what's cool is it actually gets easier!
You'll find yourself making more progress in a month than you did in the previous year. I'm talking about exponential growth here.

I Know Because It Happened To Me

You know that Mass Control Giveaway promotion I just did? The one where I got 2,000 customers in less than 8 minutes after the official launch time?
Almost never happened because of a hidden constraint.
But once I identified the constraint, I was off to the races.
And I had 2,000 new customers only two weeks later.
Talk about a breakthrough!
And I owe it all to this discovery of Rich's.

Rich Is Going To Show You How You Can Harness This Breakthrough ...FREE!

Like I said at the beginning of this letter, Rich has been working like a mad scientist on a method to identify and overcome hidden constraints that are keeping you from making the money you want.
And he's teaching these new breakthrough concepts FREE.
You can get them here.


Listen, remember in the headline where I said "this can happen to you"?
What I meant was that you can end up overworked and all freaked out a hurry.
Sometimes it's a "good" thing. like in Rich's case. He's made some amazing discoveries in the past few months and he's been burning the midnight oil in order to share them with the world.
But the "flip side" is the more common scenario.
Where you end up under pressure ...banging your head against the wall trying to move forward in your business ...and hitting a different roadblock every day.
I'm telling you, that's because of this hidden constraint thing. It happens to everybody and once you know about it, your life becomes 1,000 times easier.
Trust me on this.

Click here and learn what Rich has to share with you.

It's free and it's incredibly valuable.

This WILL help you. I can vouch for it from personal experience.

Talk soon,
P.S. I recorded a 6-minute interview with Rich talking about what my personal hidden constraint was and how I overcame it.
Rich will also share that with you. Free. Go here.

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