Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rich Schefren on Outsourcing (featuring IM OutSourcerer & Eva Schefren)

Jeff Walker to me
show details 6:03 AM (14 hours ago)

As I type this, Rich Schefren has been on a
live video stream for about 18 straight
hours - and he plans to keep going for another
6 hours... he's trying to make it to the 24
hour mark.

The dude is just plain crazy... he just keeps
answering question after question live on the
video stream - he's totally fueling himself
on Diet Coke, coffee, and cold Chinese

So WHY is he doing it? To celebrate that fact
that he FINALLY finished his latest report on
building your Internet business.

Rich has basically built his entire business
(and it's an EIGHT figure business) based on
his free reports - they are THAT good.

Basically, once or twice a year, he puts out
one of these killer business-building reports
and blows everyone away.

Then the reports get downloaded tens of
thousands of times, and then when he finally
decides to actually sell something, well...
everyone wants to buy it.

It's a pretty effective formula, and it all
starts with Rich's killer report. There's a
ton of great business building strategy in

Bottom line, go get the new report and read
it... you can thank me later. Here's the link:

Download Rich Schefren's Uncertainty Syndrome NOW

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