Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rich Schefren's office got flooded! LOL

Hi guys,

Just yesterday morning I heard from Frank Kern that Rich Schefren was diagnosed with the "Hughes Syndrome" (as it turned out, Frank was just joking around,

as you can see for yourself here) - and now a new trouble:


Well, at least, that's what I thought when I heard from his office today. I briefly browsed through the message and when I saw the word "TSUNAMI" in it, I was about to start worrying BIG TIME about Rich and all of his employees, especially after what we've heard about those terrible hurricanes lately, and stuff...

I almost reached for the phone and wanted to offer them all to use my own home here in Canada as a shelter... well, at least until the tide subsides, that is!...

Fortunately, after I read the message once again I was relieved to find out that I was wrong. Stupid me! The Tsunami Rich's message was talking about turned out to be no more than just a 'figure of speech'...Wow, he almost got me scared again! And that is twice in the last 24 hours!

But you can imagine how worried it got me for just a second...

Here's what the message really said:

"We had over 7,000 people register just for the FIRST call and than all hell broke loose…   Thousands and thousands registered for the rest of them and replays… and you can see all the activity and what they had to say at the blog.  It was just off the charts.  This call has taken a life of its own and has hit us off guard.  We had to scramble to accommodate everyone.

Rich’s new report has been one of the hottest topics and I can’t wait to share it with you all.  The people involved with making this report and launch happen are the who’s who of business and marketing leaders. They are the people that have been involved in  launches that have gone to stratospheric levels.  Don’t let the opportunity to capitalize on those behemoths pass you by. Get involved today and be part of this undisputed tsunami..."

So, now that I can have a sigh of relief, here's my little gift for you, guys:

Go and grab THE RECORDING of Rich Schefren's call, along with the TRANSCRIPT of the call, before Rich and his Team decide to take their generous offer off the table...


You see, among other things, Rich also told me in confidence that they're only doing this for a short time...

So I wanted to make sure that you saw this ASAP...

Keep smiling!


P.S. One more quick favour before you go...

When you're on the online recording page, tell 4
or 5 of your friends about the call. Rich said they'll have a
special surprise for you when you do.

They don't have to be Internet marketers. They can
come from any business background or any level,
newbie to experienced.

But if they've ever faced constraints in their
business, they'll know EXACTLY what we're talking
about here.

And who knows? Maybe the content inside will help
someone get past a roadblock...which will make you
look like a hero.

Can't hurt, right?



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