Thursday, September 11, 2008

Does This Guy Ever Let Up?

Val here...and I'm shaking my
head over this one...

Find out why

See, Rich Schefren just held the teleseminar to beat all
teleseminars, a star-studded 2-hour phone call that broke
virtually every record in the book.

The reaction was ENORMOUS, with thousands of internet
marketers listening in--and thousands more trying to.
Well, you'd think a guy would kick back and take a break
after an unprecedented event like that one, right?


Find out why

But this isn't just any ol' run-of-the-mill marketer we're
talking about here. This is Rich friggin' Schefren.
Guru to the gurus.

Mr. Manifesto.

And for a limited time, he's not only made the call available
to anyone...

He's also added 3 in-depth case studies to go along with it.
(Dude, give it a REST, wouldja? You're making us look bad.)

Find out why

It's true--you can hear the call in its entirety PLUS in-depth
audio recordings of Rich talking with Jim Edwards, Mike Filsaime,
and Hans and Dani Johnson.

These case studies go 'behind the scenes" with each of these
A-list marketers, revealing their most secret business
(and personal) struggles...and how they overcame them.
If you said to yourself "I'm must be the only one going through
this", you're wrong.

DEAD wrong.

And these case studies will prove it.

Find out why

Check 'em out right now. I honestly don't know how long Rich
is going to make them available. They may even be gone by
the time you read this.

Better check just to make sure.

Find out why

See you there...

P.S. Let's face it--constraints are something we all experience
in our business.

There's always going to be something blocking the way between
where we are...and where we want to be.

The key is to find a way to overcome those constraints and
keep moving forward. And with this call and these 3 case studies,
Rich points us in the right direction.
Well worth your time--I guarantee it...

Find out why

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