Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Only 2.5 Constraints away from becoming the first Female Guru Online

Have you read Rich Schefren's latest Report, "The Uncertainty Syndrome" already? I did, and so did this attractive young lady that calls herself a "Video Marketing Queen". Her real name is Maria Andros, and she responded to Rich Schefren's Challenge to identify the biggest Constraint in her business that is holding her back. As per Maria, she is "only two and a half constraints away from becoming the first Female Guru Online."

The winner of Rich Schefren's Challenge will receive $100,000 Worth in Coaching and Training, as well as:

A full ride scholarship to his upcoming coaching program – where Rich and his Team will work together with you each and every day for thirty days. Together you’ll obliterate one business debilitating constraint after another. The net effect will be that what you write down on his blog will be true for you no latter than Halloween.
A one day blitz for your business – they’ll send you your airfare and set you up in a posh hotel right around the corner from Strategic Profits office so Rich's entire team and Rich himself can focus exclusively on your business. Every resource Rich has will be entirely focused on you and your success.
A complimentary spot in Rich's $25,000 private reserve club– including private masterminds (with other elite online entrepreneurs) at Rich's office, dedicated time with his staff, and exclusive personal access to Rich and his vast resources.

This is what Maria thinks the online World needs right now:

"We need more Female Gurus Rich hint hint. I know the demographics but all it takes is having enough of mediocrity and really for women and men to STEP UP to “Share their Message with the World”

I learned this a while ago “Your Mess is your Message”

So Rich I have posted my constraints allready in my other post and thankyou for all you are doing to empower people in Business and that you help

TRANSFORM Businesses and People not just INSPIRE them ( which is temporary)

I am ready to get into the trenches … Let’s do it."

If you are up to Rich Schefren's Challenge - rush to Rich's blog, read HIS NEW REPORT and MEET HIS CHALLENGE right now!

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